Easy Ways to Download Embedded Video

Embedded videos can be built on web pages such as HTML5 and these videos are self-hosted. With Embedding, you can quickly host your download embedded video on popular platforms like articles, blogs, and so on. The biggest plus point of these Embedding is that users can watch the videos without visiting the original web page. 

However, do you face difficulties while downloading an embedded video and wish to know how to download embedded video in the most effective ways, then stay in this guide. Here, we are going to discuss all the possible ways to download an embedded video through a browser extension, web-based tools, and online services. 

Here-Is how to Download and Save Embedded Video

Before we focus on download embedded video through browser extension and embedded video downloader, you are advised to use a VPN service. While watching an online video, your IP address will automatically share with your Internet Service Provider. 

Hence, they can easily track what you are doing online. Also, app developers and Govt agencies can monitor your online activities. Therefore, you might face several legal problems at the end of the day. Now, to protect yourself from these unnecessary hassles, it’s highly recommended to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

A reliable VPN service hide your original identity as it continuously switches your IP address on multiple locations. Apart from this, VPN service provides you with access to the media that has been restricted by the Government. 

Also, popular streaming platforms such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video are restricted in many countries. To unlock this, you must install a VPN service.  Now, let’s see how to download embedded video? with ease. 

Way 1:- Download Embedded Video Via Browser Extension

Extensions such as Chrome and Firefox are one of the easiest options to save embedded video.  These are the steps that you need to try to attempt the procedure. 

Step 1

In the beginning, you should launch the Firefox or Google Chrome, and thereafter, you need to play the embedded video on the site. In addition, right-click on the blank margins or use the F12 key. After that, if you use Firefox, then choose the Inspect Element button. Or, if you launch Google Chrome, then click on the Inspect button. 

Step 2

Under the Inspect  or Inspect Element page, head to the bottom and select the Network option.  From there, proceed to the Media tab. Furthermore, you must press the F5 key in order to again play the video. Then, switch to the left-column as well as locate the download link. 

Step 3

Afterward, you should right-click on the download link and then tap on the Open in a new tab option. Then, the video will automatically play in a new tab without any manual hassle.  

Under here, you must tap on the Download button and if the Download option doesn’t pops-up on the screen, then again right-click on the video, however, this time choose Save Video As an option to download the embedded video on the local drive. 

Way 2:- Download Embedded Video from Websites

You can quickly download some specific videos. For example, in case, the video is in the MP4 format, then without much hassle, you can save the video. Now, in order to download the video, you need to right-click on the video first and after that choose Save Video As from the context menu. 

In addition, select a drive location where you wish to save the video. When finished, then tap on the Enter button or else hit the Save option. 

Way 3:- Download and Save the Video with Embedded Video Downloader

 There are lots of video downloader on the market that not only help you to download an HD-quality video but also help you to download an embedded video from a website’s page. Here, we are about the discuss some of the best video downloaders that can be used to download and save a video. 

4K Video Downloader

With  4K downloader, you can download and save any video as well as audio from popular websites. Like, YouTube, Instagram and other similar websites on macOS, Linux, and Windows PC. 

Hence, at first, you must download and install the 4K video downloader on the system and after that, launch the 4K video downloader. Thereafter, you should copy the video URL that you want to save on the device. 

Furthermore, you need to tap on the Paste Link option. In addition, you should choose the Video Quality and furthermore click on the Download option. 

Free HD Video Converter Factory

At first, you must download and launch this video downloader. Proceed to the top and then choose the New Download button. Within a few seconds, a new window saying New Download will occur on the screen. 

Head to the Add URL section. Within the Add URL part, you must copy & paste the video URL, and afterward, you must have hit the Analyze button in order to start the URL analysis procedure. 

Navigate to the bottom of the next screen, and tap on the Download button. 

EaseUs MobileMover Free

With EaseUs video downloader, you can quickly download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and other 900+ websites to your device. To do so, run the EaseUs MobileMover software first, and then from the left column tap on the Video Downloader button. 

Follow the above procedure and paste the video URL and after that, hit the Download button. After analyzing the URL, the EaseUs downloader then downloads as well as the embedded video to your system. 

Way 4:- Download an Embedded Video Via Online Services

Apart from the above three options, you can try different online services in order to download the video. You will find different online services. But we strongly suggest you use the Fetch File. 

Now, for this, you need to go to the official website of Fetch File, and then within the URL section, you must paste the URL of the video that you wish to download. Next, you must hit the Download Video button. 

Afterward, you should choose the video resolutions and within a few moments, the embedded videos will be saved on your device. Remember that, with online services, you can only download videos from online video hosting platforms such as YouTube. This method will not be applicable to download video from websites. 

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That’s it. These four are the most popular and straightforward methods that make the downloading task easy for you. Hence, if you wish to download embedded video you must follow any of the above ways. 


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