Easy Tips to Add Voice Effects on TikTok

Since the TikTok launch, it is known as one of the most popular social media platforms growing tremendously. This online platform provides a wide range of amazing features that allow users to create lots of videos.

Apart from creating a video, you can even add a megaphone effect on TikTok. Now, to perform the task, you need to add TikTok voice effects. Keeping all things in mind, TikTok comes with a voice filter, and by using it, you can add voice to TikTok. Continue reading the passage as here we will discuss some pocket-friendly techniques that you can try to add voice effects on TikTok.

What is the TikTok Megaphone Effect?

Megaphone sound effect is a new TikTok vibrato effect that you can apply to the TikTok video before posting it to the online platform. With the megaphone effect, you can record their voice with the microphone just like record sound over the phone call. 

Easy Ways to add Voice Effects on TikTok

Now, to add TikTok voice effects to your TikTok account, you are advised to thoroughly follow the rest of the guide.

Ways 1:- Using Voice Filter

This is the first technique that you can apply to add the TikTok vibrato effect to your TikTok account. For that, at first, you need to make sure that you use your voice in the TikTok sound.

Now, if you have just created a TikTok account and wish to add your voice, then what you have to do is proceed to the Filters option. In addition, go to the Adjust Clips section. Within the Adjust Clips, locate and tap on the Voice Effects button. 

Within a couple of seconds, many options will appear on the screen, then tap on the Voice filter button. However, in case you use the voice filters for the first time, then at first, you must tap on the Download option and download the voice filters on your device. After that, you will see that the voice will be changed as per the voice filter. 

Way 2:- Use a Third-Party Application

By using the InShot third-party app, you can easily add voice effects on TikTok. You can run the InShot app on both iOS and Android devices, and it’s free. Now, if you wish to add the voice effects on your TikTok account, then first, you must record a TikTok video of your own. Or, else can download any TikTok video.

After that, download and install the third-party app InShot on your device. After downloading it, you must run the InShot app. Afterward, hit on the video to upload the video that you have just recorded or downloaded. Next, switch to the bottom of the screen and tap on the music tab option. 

Within the Music tab, you will see three options, including records, effects, and tracks. From there, click on the Tracks options. After that, the record button will allow you to add different voice tracks to the video. Apart from this, if you wish to adjust the volume capacity, you can even do so. To sync the video, tap on the new voiceover bar button. In addition, save the video to your smartphone. 

After that, you must upload the video to your TikTok account. 

Way 3:- Add Voice Effects on TikTok Via VoiceOver

Once you have created a TikTok video, then before you post it, TikTok allows you to make certain changes. Let’s take an example, TikTok allows you to add sounds, text, filters before you post your video. Hence, proceed to the top-right section and click on the Voiceover option. 

After clicking on this, you can easily record your voice and even add it to any specific portion of the video. Apart from this, you can even keep the sound effects. Furthermore, you must tap on the Save option to save your voice to the video. After that, your recorded voice will play in the TikTok video. This way, you can add voice effects on TikTok.

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These are the three techniques that you can attempt to add voice effects on TikTok. If you want to make a remarkable transition, then we suggest you use the pro version of a trustworthy third-party application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use Voice Effects on TikTok?

First, open your TikTok account as well as record a video. After recording a video, switch to the bottom of the display and tap on the Check Mark button. After that, head to the top-right corner of the next display and hit the Voice Effects option. Afterward, you can use the voice effects on your TikTok account. 

2. Steps to add Voice Effects on TikTok

Open your TikTok account, and then from the Menu bar, click on the Create video option. Furthermore, you must have to click on the Voice Effect button, and after that, you have successfully added voice effects on TikTok. 

3. How to add Voice Effect on TikTok from Camera Roll?

To add voice effects from the camera roll, you must record a video and then tap on the Voice Effect option from the top-right corner. This way, from the camera roll, you can add a voice recorder to your TikTok video. 

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