Best Strategy for Snapchat Account Recovery

Losing your Snapchat account can be painful as most people use Snapchat for privacy-oriented features. Due to numerous factors, you will unable to open your Snapchat account. Such as, if you have forgotten your username or password, or in case your profile has been hacked or for any other reason. 

Now, let’s focus on the topic, how can you recover a Snapchat username? Fortunately, here we are going to discuss some of the top-notched solutions that you can try to recover your Snapchat account at the earliest time.

Easy Steps to Recover an old Snapchat Account

Now, before we focus on the find my Snapchat account issue, you must understand for what reason you are unable to open the Snapchat account. Most of the time, we simply don’t remember the Snapchat password. Apart from this, occasionally, a hacker might hack your password. Hackers will hack your profile and immediately change the password. Fortunately, here we will discuss some pocket-friendly techniques for Snapchat username recovery errors.

Case 1 # Recover Snapchat Account in case you have Lost the Password

As said earlier, in case you don’t remember the Snapchat account’s password. As a result, you will not be able to sign in to the account. In such a circumstance, you must have to reset the password. These are the steps, you must have to follow for Snapchat account recovery.

Step 1

The first task that you have to do is to open the Snapchat app from your device and then click on the login button. Thereafter, you must type your username or email within the given field. Besides, you must tap on the Forget your Password? button. At the bottom of the screen, you will see this option. 

Step 2

You will see two options on the next screen, how do you want to recover your account via email or phone? Now, let’s take an example, you select the email option. In addition, what you have to do is to type your email ID within the input field and thereafter, click on the Submit option. 

Step 3

Within a few seconds, you will receive an email sent by Snapchat on your given email ID. You must click on the link and after that type the new password in order to reset the password as well as recover the Snapchat account.

Step 4

 Now imagine the situation that you have selected the recover via phone option. In such a case, you need to enter your linked mobile number and furthermore select whether you wish to use the call or message option. In case, you select the message button then, Snapchat will send an OTP on your mobile number. Once, you have received the OTP, then just enter it into the given field. Instantly, Snapchat will ask you for a new password. Furthermore, you must have to enter your new password and recover your Snapchat account. 

Case 2 # Recover Snapchat Account in case you don’t Remember your Email and Username

In case, you haven’t remembered your username, then it will be hard for you to recover your Snapchat account. In this condition, the easiest way to recover your account is to use your email ID rather than using your username. Furthermore, you have to follow the forget the password procedure that we have discussed in the previous section. Now, in case, you don’t retain the email ID that you use to generate your Snapchat account then, these are the steps that need to be followed. 

Step 1

At first, you should prepare a list of all the email IDs that you are currently using. According to experts, most people who forget their Snapchat username always use multiple email IDs.  Hence, we always advise you to prepare a list of your email IDs. 

Step 2

Thereafter, again you should launch the Snapchat account, and let’s start the recovery procedure. For this, you must click on the recovery via email option and type all your email IDs one after another. Whenever you enter the wrong email IDs, then an error message saying ‘ Email address is invalid’ will appear on the display. 

You must have to repeat the procedure until you see the right email ID and thereafter you are advised to use this correct email ID in order to reset your password and thereafter surely you will recover your Snapchat account. 

Case 3# Recover Snapchat Account if your Snapchat Account has been Stolen

Remember that, recovering your stolen account is not an easy task. Depending on the hacker changes, the recovery procedure might be harder. In case, you encounter that your Snapchat account has been leaked in the data dump, then you have to change the password so that no hacker can’t hack your account Further. 

Also, in case, someone has already changed the password, then you have to use the password reset route to control your account. However, if still, nothing happens when you don’t have any other option rather than get in touch with the Snapchat support team. 

The Way you can Secure your Snapchat Account

We always advise you to secure your Snapchat account from the start so that you can easily avoid the recovery Snapchat Account hassle. In order to secure your account, these are the few strategies that you can apply.

Ensure that you have Updated your Mobile Number and Email ID

You can easily create a Snapchat account.  To implement this simple task, you just have to enter your birthday, name, as well as either an email ID or phone number. Keep in mind, you can use any email id or phone number. 

 However, we also want to warn you that if you haven’t used a real email ID or phone number, then you will not be able to recover your password, in case anybody hacks your account. Hence, we suggest you always use a valid email ID or phone number as well as always updated it. 

Now, in order to upgrade and verify your email ID or phone number, launch your Setting application and see the updating status. 

Enable the 2FA

We also suggest you enable two-factor authentication to ensure the security of your account. To implement the task, first, open the Setting application from your device. Within the Setting app, scroll down and click on the Two-Factor Authentication option. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions and enable 2FA. 

Final Words.

Snapchat is a modern and famous social media platform and people mainly use this app for its security. However, many users have reported that they are unable to sign in to their Snapchat account. Fortunately, these are the top-recommended techniques that you can attempt to recover Snapchat account.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

1. How to find your Snapchat Password?

The first task that you must do is to open your Snapchat application. Furthermore, simply hit on the login option. In addition, enter your username or email ID and furthermore click on the Forgot Your Password link. Now, to reset the password, you will need to select either using your email ID or using your phone option. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and recover your Snapchat account. 

2. How to find your Snapchat Username?

In case, you are unsure about your username then proceed to the top-right corner of the display and click on the Profile icon. Next to the Snapchat score, you will see your Snapchat username. 

3. Snapchat doesn’t Recognize my Email?

First, you must have to check the email inbox and cross-check whether you have verified the email for Snapchat. Once you have confirmed the email, then change the password. Or, else you can even reinstall your Snapchat account. 

 4. How to Recover the Snapchat Account?

Open your Snapchat app from your device and thereafter click on the login button. In addition, you have to decide whether you wish to restore your Snapchat account via email or phone. In case, you choose to email, then Snapchat will send you a link to recover your Snapchat account. Then, carefully follow the instructions and recover Snapchat account.

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