How To Convert SGPA to Percentage ( Detailed Guide with Example)

SGPA into percentage conversion calculated is basically used in the educational sector. SGPA to percentage calculator is used to convert a student’s SGPA into percentage quickly without using the manual calculator. Apart from this, with this SGPA calculator, you just have to type your SGPA and instantly this will convert into a percentage. 

Based on his/her performance on the student exam, students get this SGPA number. However, depending on the educational system, many countries made slight modifications to it.  Students will get SGPA in each subject. Moreover, this is calculated individually. And the range of SGPA varies from 0.00 to 10.00. 

What is SGPA to Percentage Converter?

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average and it’s used as a grading system for the education system. SGPA to percentage converter is the avg grade point of the students that they get on the result during their examination. This is basically the weighted average of the marks that students obtained in multiple subjects. 

SGPA into Percentage Procedure

In case, you want to continue your study further, then you must convert your SGPA number into a percentage in order to fulfill the criteria of the university. 

Nowadays, almost every institution around the globe uses the SGPA system. However, in the end, you need to convert your SGPA number to the percentage for your academic session. 

In order to calculate your SGPA number to the percentage, you need to follow a specific formula.  However, you can even use other formulas to convert your SGPA number to the percentage. 

Also, you can follow the below mentioned in order to convert your SGPA number to the percentage. 

Steps to Convert the SGPA to Percentage

In case, you want to convert your SGPA to percentage, then you must know your credit score for every subject. Now, once you know how much credit score you got on every subject, then you need to multiply the credit point with the grade that you have achieved in every subject.

Then, you have to add all these points and thereafter, you should divide the sum by the sum of all credits. You will be able to see a number which is known as the SGPA number.  Let’s take an example, in case you gave exams of seven semesters as well as the total SGPA of these seven semesters is Y, then you have to use the Y/7 formula. 

It will give the students the average SGPA of all their semesters. Next, you have to multiply the value by 10 and thereafter you should subtract 7.5 from the SGPA. It will provide you with access to the percentage value. 

Apart from this, you can even select a few good SGPA  calculators. For this, you can choose any of your favorite options. SGPA is known as one of the perfect options to measure the student’s grade performance. Besides, it’s also known as the best option for calculating the rating of the student

A Practical Example of SGPA to Percentage Converter

As we have discussed earlier that you need to multiply all the grade points with the credit points first. Then, you must have to add all the grade points. Next, you need to divide the sum by the credit numbers. It will be your SGPA. 


You earned grade points in three subjects are Subject 1: 7.1, Subject 2: 9, and Subject 3: 8.8. On the other hand, the credit points of these three subjects are Subject 1 : 3, Subject 2: 4, and Subject 3 : 3

The next task you have to perform is to multiple the grade points with the credit points. 

  • Subject 1: 7.1*3= 21.3
  • Subject 2: 9 * 4= 36
  • Subject 3: 8.8 * 3= 26.4

Hence, the total grade points you will earn are 21.3+36+26.4=83.7. Also, the total credit point is 4+3+3= 10. Afterward, you must divide the grade points with the total credit points means, 83.7/ 10= 8.37- your SGPA. 

Now, in order to convert the SGPA to a percentage, you need to multiple the SGPA with 10 ( not the total of credit points). This means it will be 8.37*10= 83.7. And then subtract 7.5 from the total grade points. Like, 

83.7- 7.5= 76.2 – Your earned percentage number. 

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No matter in which educational field you are, after a certain period of time, you might have to convert your SGPA to a percentage.  Hope, if you thoroughly follow the guide, then you can complete the task on your own. 


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