Roblox Admin Commands: Complete List in 2022

You can create and play 3D games with online friends on the Roblox platform. From 2017 to till date, the platform has had more than 200 million registered users. Keep in mind, Roblox Admin Commands are used not only for fun but also by using these you get access to multiple items inside the game.  You can execute the command ‘:cmds’ within the game chatbox, after getting the Admin Command Activation Pass. So, if you are new in the Roblox world, the most essential thing that you should know is all Roblox Admin Commands.

Creating Roblox Admin Commands

Well, you can create Roblox all Admin Commands. However, it’s not as easy as you think- especially when you just start playing the game. Or, you don’t have any idea about generating codes. Person 299 is the first person who generate Admin Commands in 2008. However, now it’s not active.

Most used Roblox Admin Commands

  • By typing “/” within the chatbox, and then type “;[command]” within the same field you can get access to the Admin Commands.
  • On the other hand, all the advanced Roblox Admin Commands include “;[command] [player name] [command name/setting]” or “;[command] [player name]”
  • If you are a player and want to give yourself a name, you can give your own name or another player’s name.
  • You can use the “; transparency me 6”, or “; morph me chicken“ command for command name or settings.

Roblox admin commands

Roblox Admin Commands list

In the undermentioned section, we have discussed the Roblox Admin Commands list. Have a look:

Roblox Admin Commands Users
: UnFire Removes the fire
: Kill If you type: Kill and type the name of the person you wish to kill, this will kill the person
: Fire Create a fire around the player
: Jump Once you use this code, your player will jump around
: Loopkill This command will kill the person again and again you want
: UnFf Removes the force field
: Ff Once you type this code, it will generate a force field around the player
: Unsparkle Remove the sparkle effects
: Sparkle Generate a sparking effect around you
: Smoke This code will create a smoky effect around you
: Unsmoked Eliminates the Smoky effect
: MiniHead Make your head and players head smaller than the normal
: NormalHead Bring your and your players head to the normal size
: BigHead Make your and your player head bigger than normal
: Sit Allow the players to sit in a position
: Visible After typing this command you will be visible to everybody
: Trip Make the trip over without any reason
: Invisible This code makes you invisible to other players
: GodMode Once you type this command, your player will be so powerful and impossible to kill
: UnGodMode Your player will return to the previous form
: Fix By using this command you can fix a broken script
: Jail Depending on the situation, the command will put the player behind the jail
: Unjail Eradicate the jail effect
: Remove Tools Without informing players, take their tools
: Merge Through this command, you can easily control other players.
: Zombify It’s a funny command that turns a player into a zombie.
: Explode This code will make you explode within a second
: Freeze It will freeze the player for a certain period of time


Remember that, if you properly execute these commands, you will get full access to Roblox.

Tactics to Use Admin Command on Roblox

Following steps involved in order to use the Admin Commands on Roblox:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open the game that has Admin Pass
  • Thereafter, you must open the chatbox as well as type “: command” within the given field
  • Enter the certain command that you wish to utilize
  • Now before each command, you have to insert a colon mark (:). For instance, if you wish to kill another player, simply type: kill [Username].

Can you use Admin Commands on Roblox Free?

Well, the answer is Yes. However, if you are a beginner the process seems a little bit complicated for you. Remember that, in order to use the Admin Commands, at first you should take permission from the Admin and be sure that he/she will share the codes with you.

Here-Is how you can get free Roblox Admin Commands

all roblox admin commands

As said earlier, in order to use the free Admin Commands be sure that the Admin will share the codes with you. Besides, at the top of the article, we have listed the most used free Admin Commands that you can use for free.

For this, at first, type ‘ HD Admin’ in the Roblox Search bar. Now, navigate to the HD Admin page. Under here, scroll down and click on the Get option. After that, the Admin model will be added to your Roblox account.

On the next screen, go to the top-right corner and click on the Toolbox option. This will open a new window. Here, go to the left column and browse the Model library. Then, click on the HD Amin option in order to add it to the game.

If the game is in Design mode, you will be able to see the HD Admin icon on the screen. Remember that, in Design mode, the HD Admin icon will not appear while playing the game.

However, if you want to confirm that the HD Admin is activated for the game, you can go to the right side of the screen and click on the Workspace option. After that, search for HD Admin within the Directory Tree.

Finally, to save the added HD admin, go to the top of the screen and tap on the Fire option. After that, click on Save to Roblox or Save to Roblox as options.

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That’s it. In this guide, we have discussed what is Admin Command in Roblox as well as listed all the used Roblox Admin Commands in 2021 and will be used in 2022. If we miss anything, feel free to give your opinion in the comment section.

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