PUBG Cannot Find MSVCP140.DLL: An Ultimate Guide

In recent days, PUBG is the most popular video game loved by millions of users.  However, many gamers complained that, while they try to play the game an error message ‘ cannot find msvcp140.dll please reinstall this application’ suddenly appears on the display. As a result, they are unable to play the game. Are you one of those dealing with the same error? Then you are in the right place. In the rest of the content, we are going to discuss some effective tactics that will help you fix the PUBG cannot find msvcp140.dll error at the earliest time.

 Best Solutions to Fix PUBG cannot find MSVCP140.DLL Error

Dealing with msvcp140.dll missing on PUBG error and unable to play the game? Check out this article till the end and remove the cannot find msvcp140.dll PUBG error message from the computer screen.

Solution 1: Install Microsoft Visual C++

PUBG cannot find msvcp140.dll

At first, we suggest you install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package to your system. To do so, you need to follow the given directions:

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft Visual C++ and from there download the package to your device.
  • The next thing that you have to do is to choose the language in which you want to run the package
  • Once you choose the language, select the version that you wish to run on your device
  • After that, run it as admin and install the package on your device.

You need to wait for some time and let the procedure complete. When finished reboot your device and check if you still deal with the PUBG cannot find msvcp140.dll issue or not.

Solution 2: Reinstall the Software

This is one of the most effective and simplest ways that you can apply to get rid of the error. Hence, first, open the Command Prompt on your device. Type ‘ appwiz.cpl’ in the required field and after that, you should press the Enter key.

It will lead you to the Programs & Features window. Under here, scroll down and locate PUBG that is causing the issue. Click on it. After that, your device will automatically detect and remove the problematic file.

Again visit the official website and download the most upgraded software to your device. Restart your device and check the error status.

Solution 3: Search for Windows Update

msvcp140.dll missing on pubg

If you haven’t updated your Windows for the longest time then as a result you might experience the msvcp140.dll missing on PUBG error.  In this situation, we advise you to check for Windows updates. Check out the given points to apply the solution:

  • First, open Command Prompt and then type ‘ Services.msc’ within the given field. Hit the Enter key in order to run the command
  • Instantly, your computer will search for windows updates.
  • When finished, proceed to the Windows Settings and from there head to the Update & Security tab

If you find a pending update, click on the Update button. After that, your computer will start updating. Keep patience and let the updating process to complete. When finished, reboot your device and try to play the game without any hassle.

Solution 4: Run DISM

cannot find msvcp140.dll please reinstall this application

So you have already applied the above three solutions and nothing works for you, right? Then we advise you to run the DISM files in order to scan and remove the corrupted files. To do so, you need to open the Command Prompt as Admin first.

Thereafter, type “C: \WINDOWS\ system32>sfc /scannow” in the input field as well as press the Enter key. It will scan your device. When finished, restart your device and check if the error message ‘Pubg cannot find msvcp140.dll’ still appears on the LED screen or not.

Unfortunately, if yes then again open the Command Prompt as Admin and type “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” within the Command Prompt. Wait for a couple of minutes and let the process complete. After that, reboot your computer and again launch the PUBG game. Enjoy!

Solution 5: Copy MSVCP140.DLL files from Other Computers

cannot find msvcp140.dll pubg

This is another effective solution that you can try to fix the Pubg cannot find msvcp140.dll issue.  In order to apply the solution, these are the steps that need to be followed:

  • At first, you need to simultaneously press the Windows and E keys to open the File Explorer. Thereafter, proceed to the Local Disk : (C).
  • switch to the (C:\Windows\System32) folder. Thereafter, under the System 32 folder, drop-down and locate the msvcp140.dll file. Copy the file.
  • Paste the copied file in the same location, (C:\Windows\System32).

After completion of this, you have to reboot your system and again launch the PUBG application. I hope, now you can play the game without any errors.

[ Note:- The computer from where you wish to copy the msvcp140.dll find must have the same version of Windows and architectures as yours.]

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Bottom Lines

In this guide, we have learned a lot about. DLL files. For instance, what is. DLL files, and how to fix the Pubg cannot find msvcp140.dll error. Now, what you have to do is to apply the above five solutions one after another and check which solution brings the required solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you Play PUBG on an i3 Processor?

The answer is Yes. You can play the PUBG game on an i3 processor. However, keep in mind the PUBG game updates its features after every passing day. Hence, it will be difficult to play the PUBG game on your computer. 

2. How much GB is Required for PUBG PC Lite?

In order to install the PUBG Lite on your laptop or desktop, you need a minimum space of 4GB. 

3. Can you Play PUBG without a Graphics Card?

Simply No! You will not be able to play the PUBG game without a Graphics card. 

4. How to Solve the PUBG Error in the DLL Files?

In order to solve the error, first, proceed to the C drive. From there switch to Windows. The next thing that you need to do is to move to the Software Distribution folder. Under this folder, scroll down and open the Download folder. You should delete everything in the Download folder. When finished, proceed to the Windows Update Settings folder. Under here, click on the Advanced option. Under the Advanced tab, hit the How Updates are Installed option. Mark the dialog box beside the Set Notify to Schedule Restart option. Reboot your device and the problem should be fixed. 

5. What is X3Audio1_ 7DLL?

This file contains the DirectX software collection. DirectX is an important feature of Windows 10 that is used to manage the tasks related to graphics programs, videos, games, and so on. 

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