Pokemon Go AR Not Working: [Solved]

In Pokemon Go, through AR mode, players can communicate with the Pokemon in real-time. This will add to your virtual pokemon collection in the real world. However, while playing the game many gamers complained that an error message saying ‘Pokemon Go Augmented Reality not working’ consistently appeared on the screen. So you have already spent hours fixing the problem but are unable to do so, right? Then have a look at this guide and solve the Pokemon Go AR not working issue in a short time frame.

Pokemon Go AR not working

Here-Is How to Fix Pokemon Go AR Not Working Error

Although Niantic has solved several issues, players still report that the error AR not working on Pokemon Go continuously irritates them. Fortunately, in the rest of the content, we have come up with some best solutions to fix the error.

Fix 1: Sign Out and Sign In

pokemon go augmented reality not working

This is the first solution that you must apply in order to solve Pokemon Go AR doesn’t work error. Many players found this solution fruitful for them. Follow the given steps to apply the troubleshooting technique.

  • At first, you need to open the Pokemon Go App
  • Then, tap on the Pokeball button
  • On the next screen, move to the top right corner and tap on the Settings icon
  • Go to the bottom and hit the Sign Out option
  • If a confirmation message appears on the screen, click on the Yes button

Once you have successfully signed out, restart your device and again launch the Pokemon app. Sign in and see if the error persists or not.

Fix 2: Reverting or Updating to another iOS Version (For iOS only)

In case you play Pokemon Go on the iOS device you might use the iOS 10 version. According to many users, they experience the AR mode on Pokemon Go not working after updating their iOS version to 10. In this situation, we suggest you revert or update your current iOS version to another. Here are the steps you must apply:

1st Step

The first thing that you have to do is to plug your system into power as well as be sure that you have a strong wi-fi connection. Open the Settings section. Under Settings, scroll down and click on the General tab. From there move to the Software Update section.

If you see a pending update, tap on the Download option and then install the latest version to your device. After that, again launch Pokemon Go and see if it’s running smoothly or not.

2nd Step

Unfortunately, if you are still dealing with the same error, we suggest you download the iOS 9 version. To download it, first, you need to connect your iOS device to Mac or PC and open up iTunes. Now from iTunes, you must choose your device and tap on the Summary option.

Hold the Option key on your Mac device, if you use a PC, hold down the Alt key and then click on the Restore option.

3rd Step

Navigate to the path *yourusername*/Library/iTunes in the newly opened window and search for the folder named ‘iPhone /iPad Software Updates’. Here, you should search for the ‘ .ipsw’ file and your device name. After that look for the number 9 ( 1st number signals the iOS version). Install it to your device. Exit from the window and restart your device. Launch Pokemon Go and see if the same error still occurs or not.

[ Note:-  We suggest you keep a backup of your important data before implementing the process.]

Fix 3: Update the Pokemon Go app

ar not working on pokemon go

Do you still run the older version of the Pokemon Go app? Then there’s a huge possibility that you might experience the issue. In this situation, we suggest you update the Pokemon Go app to its latest version.

So first you should open the Google Play Store app and go to the left column. Here locate and select My apps & games. From there, proceed to the Pokemon Go entry. Under here, you need to click on the Update button. Wait for some time and let the process complete.

Once done, reboot your device. Launch Pokemon Go and check the error status.

Fix 4: Ensure that you have a Gyro Sensor ( Only for Android)

Remember that the AR function must know your phone’s features to function properly. It’s done by a gyro sensor that is present in almost every smart device.

In case you have an old Android device, your phone might not have a gyro sensor. In this circumstance, you can use a 3rd party application and make sure that your Android device has a gyro sensor.

Hence, download a reliable 3rd party application from Google Play Store. Open the application and look at the X, Y, and Z coordinates under the gyroscope. Keep an eye on the value. If the value is changed, it means you have a pre-build gyro sensor. Unfortunately, if the value is stuck to 0, you will not be able to play Pokemon Go in AR mode.

Fix 5: Auto-Orientation

pokemon go ar doesn't work

If your device has a gyro sensor and still you experience the Pokemon Go AR mode not working error, then it’s probably a permission issue. In this situation, you need to access permissions. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open the Settings section. Under here, scroll down and choose Apps
  • Click on the Pokemon Go app. Within a couple of seconds, you will be able to see a list of full app permissions. Click on Permissions and expand the list
  • Under here, be sure that the Location and Camera are enabled
  • Again open the Settings app and from there proceed to the Accessibility section. Under here, drop down and enable the Auto-Rotate screen.

Exit from the window and check if you can play Pokemon Go in AR mode.

Solution 6: Clear the Cache Data

pokemon go ar not working

If all the above five solutions fail to fix the error, we suggest you clear the app cache. For that, at first, you need to open the Settings app on your device. Within Settings, click on the Pokemon icon and from there navigate to the App info section.

From there, tap on App Storage and then click on the Games option. Under Gamers, scroll down and choose the Pokemon Go application. Click on the Clear Cache option.

When finished exit from the window and reboot your device. Launch Pokemon Go game and hope now you can play the game in the AR mode without Pokemon Go AR not working issue.

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We hope this article will help you quickly fix the Pokemon Go AR not working on your Android and iOS devices. If you have any queries, feel free to use the comment sections.

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