Omegle Error Connecting to Server[Solved]

Omegle is probably the most successful website in the World, where you can video chat with a random stranger. However, many users have reported that, while they are trying to start a video call, an error message saying “ Omegle error connecting to server” appears on the display. As a result, they can’t start a video chat with others. 

Dealing with the same error? Then thoroughly check out the guide till the end as here we have discussed some effective solutions that you can try to solve the Omegle server connection error. 

Root Causes of Server Connection Error while Using Omegle

Numerous reasons can lead to server connection issues on Omegle. Here, we have highlighted some of the most common ones. 

  • If there’s an issue with the server, you can experience the Omegle error connecting to the server error.
  • In case, your IP address has been blocked and your access has been suspended from using Omegle, then you can encounter the error connecting to a server on Omegle.
  • Occasionally, your ISP might block the Omegle connection for you.
  • Many times, due to outdated browser configuration settings, you can experience the Omegle error connecting to server error. 

No matter what the reason is, let’s have a look at the top solutions that you can attempt to solve the error at the earliest time. 

8 Easy Hacks to Fix Omegle Error Connecting to Server

In the undermentioned section, we have come up with some useful solutions that you can try to quickly solve the error. So, let’s start…

1. Use Helpful Commands

omegle error connecting to server

This is the first solution that you can try to fix the error. Thoroughly follow the given steps to implement the solution.

Step 1

First, open the Command Prompt by using the Start menu. After that, right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator from the list of options. 

You can also press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run Dialogue box. Enter “ cmd” within the given field as well as press the Enter key. 

Step 2

This will open the Command Prompt window. Now, within the Command Prompt, enter the following command and hit the Enter key after typing each command. 

  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/release6
  • ipconfig/renew

Wait for some time until you see the Operation completed successfully message on the LED screen. Close the window and reboot your device. Launch Omegle in your browser and check if the Omegle server connection error message still appears on the display or not. 

2. Clear Flash Browsing Data

Omegle server connection error

If the above solution doesn’t work for you, we suggest you clear the flash browsing data. Many users applied the solution and fixed the error within a short time frame. Hence, first navigate to the Website Storage Setting tab, Under here, select the Delete All Sites option. If a confirmation message appears on the display, you should click on Yes. Once done, reboot your device. Reopen Omegle and check the error status. 

3. Remove all Cookies in your Browser

 server connection error while using Omegle

Many times, you can quickly fix the error connecting to a server on Omegle by simply deleting all the browser cookies. This is one of the most effective methods that you must try. 

If you use Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome from your device and click on the three-dot lines located in the top right corner. Then, tap on the More Tools option. Under here, scroll down and click on the Clear Browsing Data option. You can also mark the dialogue box beside the “ beginning of time” option and set it as the time period. Then choose the data type to clear all browsing data. 

In order to clear all the cookies and cache data, we recommend you again tap on the three dots and choose Settings from the list of options. Go to the bottom of the next page as well as expand the Advanced settings. 

Navigate to the Content Settings tab and select all cookies that remained. Delete all the remaining cookies. 

If you use Mozilla Firefox:

In case, you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, then first open the Mozilla Firefox from your computer. Move to the upper-right corner and from there proceed to the History tab. Then, click on the Clear Recent History option. 

Go to the Time Range window. Under here, select “ Everything”. Tap on the arrow located beside the Delete option. And then, tap on the Clear All option. Wait for the completion of the procedure. Once done, reboot your device, and if you are still dealing with the Omegle error connecting to the server, proceed to the next solution. 

4. Connect from Another Network

server connection issue on Omegle

Sometimes, if there’s a network issue, you might have to deal with the same error. In this situation, we suggest you connect your device to another network. Then, see if the error has been troubleshot or not. 

5. Use a Strong VPN

This is another effective solution that you can try to solve the Omegle error connecting to the server. So:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to buy a premium VPN service. 
  • After that, download PIA on your device.
  • Further, you have to install the VPN client and launch PIA. 
  • Sign in to your account.
  • In addition, you need to connect to an optimal server.

Close the window and reboot your device. Reopen Omegle and try to start a video call. If you are successfully doing so, your job is over. Else, go to the next solution. 

6. Restart your Modem/Router

omegle error connecting to server

So, you have already applied the above five solutions and none of them works for you, right? Then we suggest you restart your modem or router for a minute. Hence, unplugging them. Wait for at least one minute and connect them back. 

In case, you use a dynamic IP, then after restarting the router you can get a new IP address. You need to enter the new dynamic IP address within the given field. 

7. Try another Device

This is the last solution that you can try to fix the error. If all the above solutions fail to solve the error, we suggest you use another internet-enabled device that can access Omegle. We hope after that, the error will not occur anymore. 

8. Contact Omegle Support Team

error connecting to server on omegle

Still, dealing with the same error? Then we suggest you don’t waste your time and contact the support team of Omegle. Inform them about the issue and we hope they can solve the error within a flicker of time. 


Millions of people use the Omegle platform for video chatting. However, many users have reported that often an error message “ Omegle error connecting to server” pop-up on the LED screen, and as a result, they are unable to start a video call. Fortunately, if you apply the given solutions one by one you can quickly fix the error on your own.


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1. Is Omegle Chat Dangerous?

Keep in mind, Omegle chat is less dangerous than moderated video chat. However, we must warn you that until you make a strong relationship with a stranger, don’t reveal your personal information. 

2. How can you get Unbanned from Omegle?

Well, the answer is simple. In case your IP address was suspended or banned by Omegle, we suggest you use a strong and reliable VPN service in order to bypass geo-blocks. 

3. Do VPNs work with Omegle?

It’s quite possible that Omegle can detect some of the most popular VPNs and prevent your access to the website. 

4. Which VPNs work on Omegle?

  • Private Internet Access: This is one of the best VPN services that you can use while using Omegle. Keep in mind, this VPN service offers AES encryption which will protect your data. 
  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if you don’t find this VPN service helpful, you can return it and claim your money. 
  • CyberGhost: This VPN service offers a wide range of server networks and complete protection over Wi-Fi. However, it has a slow desktop interface. 

5. Why did Omegle Stop Working on Google Chrome?

A few reasons can be responsible for this. Like:

  • There might be an issue with the browser’s configuration settings.
  • Sometimes, due to cache data, you might have to deal with the error.
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