MSI Dragon Center Not Working Issue? An Overall Guide

The MSI dragon center software is the best tool for those who have an MSI laptop or desktop computer. Through this software, you can easily enhance your system’s performance. However many gamers have reported that often MSI Dragon center not working. As a result, they are unable to play games. 

Are you dealing with the same error? Then thoroughly read the guide till the end as here we have come up with some effective solutions that you can try to fix the MSI Dragon center stopped working at the earliest time. 

Why is Dragon Gaming Center not Working?

Numerous reasons can lead to MSI Dragon center not opening error. Here, we have listed some of these. 

  • If you haven’t installed MSI Dragon center, as a result, you might experience the error. 
  • Occasionally, the MSI gaming application ends up not having apt permissions. 
  • Many times, drive issues can be responsible for the occurrence of the MSI Dragon center stopped working. 
  • Sometimes, the MSI dragon center app can create the problem itself. 

Fix MSI Dragon Center with Effective Tactics

Dealing with MSI dragon center not working? Have a glance at the under-mentioned section and apply the given solutions one by one. 

Solution 1. Install MSI Dragon Center

MSI Dragon Center not working

This is the first solution that you can try to fix MSI dragon center error. To implement the situation, at first, you need to uninstall the existing MSI gaming app entry from your computer. 

From there, proceed to the Control Panel. Under here, drop down and uninstall the program option. Once you have successfully uninstalled the app, visit the official website of the MSI dragon center and download the upgraded version of the app. Install MSI Dragon Center to your device. 

Exit from the page and reboot your device. Check if the MSI dragon center not working error still persists.

Solution 2. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

MSI Dragon Center

If the above solution doesn’t work for you, we suggest you reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. Many people apply this solution and get the required solution. In order to implement the solution, you must follow the given directions. 

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open the Control Panel. 
  • Under Control Panel, find the Uninstall Program option. 
  • A list of options will appear on the display. From there, locate “ Microsoft Visual C++” and uninstall it. 
  • When finished, reboot your device. Go to the official website of Microsoft. 
  • Here, you should search for the latest version of C++. Click on the download option. 
  • Wait for a few moments and let the downloading process complete. 

Once done, reboot your computer and after that, re-download the MSI dragon center app. See the error status. 

 Solution 3. Run MSI Gaming App as Administrator

This is another effective solution that you can try to solve the error. Many gamers have reported that running MSI gaming apps as administrators can solve the issue. Hence, if you are still experiencing the same error, try this solution. Following are the steps that need to be followed to implement the solution. 

  • Click on the Start menu and locate the MSI gaming app. 
  • After that, you need to right-click on the MSI gaming app and select Properties from the list of options. Instantly, a new page will appear on the display. From there, choose Compatibility. 
  • Further, locate and click on the Run This Program As An Administrator option. 
  • Tap on Apply followed by OK. A new pop-up window will appear on the screen. 
  • If a confirmation message appears on the LED display, tap on Yes and then click on Continue. 

[ Note: Don’t give untrusted tools and apps admin permission. ]

Wait for a couple of minutes and let the procedure complete. Once done, reboot your computer and if you are still experiencing the MSI dragon center not working issue, go to solution 4. 

Solution 4: Solve the MSI SDK Initialization Error

MSI Dragon Center Software

So you have applied the above three solutions and none of them bring the required solution for you, right? Then we advise you to solve the MSI SDK initialization error. For this, you have to open the Task Manager window first from the Start menu. You can alternatively press the DEL, ALT, and CTRL keys and choose Task Manager from the list of options. 

Under Task Manager, simultaneously press the CTRL and S keys and choose Properties from the menu. From there, proceed to the MSI Central Service and after that right-click on it. In addition, hit the Properties button. 

Go to the General tab. Within the General tab, move to the bottom and find Startup Type. Then, tap on the Automatic window. Click on the Apply button and after that tap on the OK option. 

 If you see the service is not running, you should right-click on it and tap on Start. Then, again proceed to the Dragon Center Window Folder and copy everything. Move to the C > Program Files (x86) > MSI > One Dragon Center and paste all the files here. 

Once done, reboot your device. Launch the app and run it. 

Solution 5: Reinstall MSI Central Service Driver Software

MSI Dragon center stopped working

Sometimes the MSI central service driver Software can lead to the same error. In this situation, we suggest you reinstall the MSI central service driver software. Here are the steps that need to be implemented. 

  • First, you need to simultaneously press the Windows and R keys in order to open the Run dialog box. Type “ devmgmt.msc” within the input field as well as press the Enter key. 
  • It will open the Device Manager window. Within Device Manager, you need to locate the driver that will have MSI in it. After that, right-click on it and select the Uninstall option from the list of options. 
  • Reboot your device.
  • Again proceed to the Device Manager and then hit the Scan for Hardware Changes option. After that, the updating process will be started. 
  • Alternatively, go to the driver’s properties and tap on the Update Driver option. 

fix MSI Dragon Center

Wait for a few moments and let the procedure complete. Once done, reboot your system and if you are still dealing with the same error, try the next solution. 

Solution 6: Solve MSI Dragon Center App Blocked by Firewall

install MSI Dragon Center

Occasionally, the Windows inbuilt firewall is causing the issue. In this circumstance, you need to fix the MSI dragon center app blocked by the firewall. For that, proceed to the C drive. From there, move to the Program Files (x86). Select MSI and then click on the One Dragon Center option. 

Right-click on the MSI.CentralServer.Exe and tap on the Run As Administrator option. When finished, reboot your device and see if the error still persists or not. 

Solution 7: See if your System is Corrupted

If none of the above solutions seems fruitful for you, you are advised to check the integrity of your device. You can use any trusted online tool. So, download and install any tool on your device. Open it and scan your device. 

Wait for some time and let the scanning process complete. When finished, a message showing all current issues will appear on the display. Tap on the Start Repair option. After completion of this, close the window and reboot your device. Again open the MSI dragon center app and we hope the error will not appear on the screen anymore. 


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MSI dragon center is an amazing app to use. However, many users have reported that often MSI dragon center not working. Fortunately, the problem is not big and you can solve the error on your own. In this guide, we have discussed the top 7 solutions that you can attempt to fix the error on your own. 

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