Recover Instagram Messages in the Most Efficient Way

In today’s world, Instagram is known as one of the well-known social media platforms that users use to share their special moments via videos and images. Unfortunately, lots of Instagram users don’t know what Instagram Directs. 

Just like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct also allows users to send their location, videos, text messages. Remember that, Instagram doesn’t allow you to keep a backup of the messages. 

Now, what happens if you by mistake delete your Instagram messages? Don’t panic as with Instagram message recovery tools, you can quickly retrieve your deleted message. 

Recover Instagram Messages with some Easy Methods

Are you searching for how to recover deleted Instagram messages, then continue reading the guide. 

Method 1:- Recover Instagram Messages Via Instagram Data

Remember that, whenever you have removed your Instagram chats, then this will not be available on your iPhone or Android device. Fortunately, these messages are still available on Instagram’s server. 

Therefore, from the server, you can retrieve your deleted messages, images, comments, and videos.  These are the steps that you need to follow for Instagram message recovery. 

Step 1

At first, launch a browser from your computer and sign in to the Instagram web version with your login credentials. Thereafter, switch to the top-right corner as well as hit the Account Settings button. 

Within a few seconds, a pop-up menu will occur on the screen. Here, locate and tap on the Privacy & Security button. 

Step 2

Within the Privacy & Security section, you must proceed to the bottom and locate the Data Download button. In addition, select the Request Download option. Thereafter, you need to verify your identification. 

For that, hit the Log in Again button as well as enter the detailed information of your Instagram account. 

Step 3

After that, you must provide your email address within the given field in order to receive the link to restore your profile information, videos, and images on your Instagram account. Furthermore, hit on the Next button. 

Step 4

Again, you must type your Instagram password and then choose the Request Download button. Instantly, you will get an email associated with Your Instagram Data. Now, you must open the email address as well as tap on the Download Data button. 

Within a few moments, a ZIP file with images, videos, and messages will be downloaded on your device. 

 Here-Is How to See Deleted Instagram Messages

After downloading the ZIP file on your device, you must Extract the file and thereafter, launch the ‘messages.json’ file. In addition, with a text editor, you must open the file, and thereafter, you will be able to see all the Instagram messages. 

Method 2:-  Instagram Message Recovery Via Connected Facebook Account

If you have connected your Instagram account with your Facebook account, then via Facebook’s inbox, you can retrieve and message your Instagram messages. Hence, first, you need to launch a browser on your computer. 

The next task that you have to do is to log in with your Facebook account that is linked with the Instagram account. Afterward, you must have to tick on the Facebook Inbox button. Head to the left column and click on the Instagram Direct icon. Within a couple of seconds, you will see the deleted Instagram messages. 

Method 3:- Retrieve Chats from the User whom you have sent the Message

In case, you try your Facebook account in order to restore your deleted messages, and nothing happens then you are advised to try to restore the message from the people to whom you have already sent the message. Hence, if you have lost your crucial messages or images then ask the other user to send the messages or deleted chats. 

Method 4:-Instagram Message Recovery from Online

 It’s one of the simplest methods that you can apply to retrieve your removed messages. In order to do this, head to the Instagram message recovery site for Android first. Thereafter, you must enter your Profile URL or the Instagram username. 

Once you have successfully signed in to your Instagram account, then you must click on the Recovery Messages option in order to start the restoring procedure. After that, make the human verification in order to prove that you are a human being and thereafter, you are able to restore the removed Instagram messages. 

Method 5:-  Instagram Message Recovery Through Third-Party Tools

If still wish to know the exact way to retrieve the deleted messages? then you are advised to try to restore removed data with any reliable third-party tools. 

Now, in case, you use an Android device, then it’s highly recommended to download a Fucosft Android recovery tool. Hence, download and install the Fucosoft data recovery tool first and after that, you must run this amazing tool and choose the Recover Lost Data button from the main interface. 

In addition on your smartphone, you need to turn on the USB debugging, and thereafter through a USB cable, you should connect your Android phone with the computer. Within a few seconds, this third-party tool will detect the device. 

Once, you have successfully connected your device with the computer, then you must click on the Start button in order to start the scanning procedure. When you are done with the scanning process, preview and choose the messages and images that you have to retrieve. In addition, hit the Recover button and then save the messages and images on your device. 


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 Nowadays, the Instagram social media platform has been used worldwide. People use this social media for entertainment purposes and get in touch with their family, friends, and loved ones. 

However, by mistake deleting Instagram messages is quite common.  Fortunately, with a professional Instagram message recovery tool and the given methods, you can quickly restore your removed Instagram messages.  Hence, we strongly recommend you to apply these solutions one after another until anyone seems fruitful for you. 

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