How to Reopen Closed Window in Chrome? [Easy Hacks]

A website holds a lot of valuable and interesting info for yourself. May this be regarding your jobs, your personal projects, or just be something for your personal interest. These sites got it all correctly together and provide you specifically what you are working or searching for. 

But, Internet users often face some awkward situations. Sometimes, they accidentally close their important tab while browsing another thing or while opening another tab. Then, the tab or site that holds all the needed or useful stuff is gone because you simply close it. 

It’s quite frustrating – but you will glad to know most of the major browsers allowed to reopen closed tabs. But, if you are unaware of how to reopen closed window in Chrome, then you can follow the tips and tricks described below. 

How to Open Closed Tabs by Using Keyboard Shortcuts? 

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers used by several users throughout the globe. This browser supports relaunching recently closed windows or tabs like all the other famous browsers. 

You can do this within a few seconds – by using a simple keyboard shortcut. You can use this trick for other browsers also. If you just accidentally or willingly closed one of the opened tabs and wish to launch it once again, then press the Shift and Ctrl key both at the same time by holding the T key from the keyboard. It will open the tab that was closed recently within a fraction of a second. 

But, if you have closed more than one tab – that means, if you accidentally closed the entire window, then you will need a few times more to relaunch this. For that, you will have to repeat the entire process by using the same shortcut keys until you relaunch the particular tab you wished to see. You can perform this process for the last 10 tabs that you have closed recently. After doing this, if your queries for how to reopen a closed window still persists, then you can check the further solutions discussed below.  

How to Reopen Closed Window in Chrome from History? 

Reopen Closed Window from History

If you just closed a tab on Google Chrome and unable to reopen that by using the previous method, or if you have exited from the Chrome window, then you can open all the closed tab from Chrome’s history. To do this, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Tap on the ‘Three Vertical Dots’ icon located at the upper right pane of the screen. Or, if you have exited from the Chrome window, then launch Chrome and click on the ‘Three Vertical Dots’ icon. 
  2. Afterward, choose ‘History’ from the list of options. Click on the History button once again from the next page. It will open a detailed list of all the recent searches. 
  3. Go through the list properly and hit the Ctrl key from the keyboard. Locate the tab or search that you wish to reopen and tap on it by holding the Ctrl key. 

As a result, it will open the tab within a fraction of a second. Alternatively, you can also perform the next method to relaunch a closed tab in Chrome. 

How to Open Closed Tabs by Using ‘Reopen Closed Tab’ Option?

Using ‘Reopen Closed Tab’ Option

This is another way to relaunch a closed tab in the Chrome browser. First, go to the tab bar and right-click on a vacant space. After that, click on the ‘Reopen Closed Tab’ button from the list. But, if you have recently closed a window rather than a tab, then you will get the ‘Reopen Closed Window’ option in the list. It will open the last closed tab or window immediately. You can repeat the same process to relaunch windows or tabs in the order you have closed. 

How to Reopen Closed Window in Chrome in Mac? 

If you are a Mac user, then you can reopen a closed window within a few seconds. First, navigate to the Chrome menu. Then, choose File and tap on the ‘Reopen Closed Tab’ option, Alternatively, you can also use the short-cut – press the T and Shift key altogether by holding the Command key.  

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Sums up Thing…

So, these are the ways that can help you to reopen closed window chrome. You will have to make sure that you have applied all the above tricks in their given order. These tricks have already helped so many affected users to relaunch a closed window in Chrome. It is our hope, that it will also help you to open your closed tab with ease. 

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