How to Play Xbox One on Laptop? [Simple Tricks]

Do you know how to play Xbox One on laptop? It is not as straightforward as it appears. If you are looking for a resolution to this, then this guide can help you a lot. Here, we are going to provide some easy tips and tricks that can assist you to play Xbox One on your laptop. 

Xbox One is one of the most advanced gaming machines introduced by Microsoft. It has the ability to play almost all the high-end latest graphics games. This device supports HDR as well as 4K gaming that takes it to another higher level of gaming. 

Nowadays, Microsoft is preparing for some other advanced gaming devices. Although it doesn’t seem as svelte as the PS4 of Sony – still, it can be said that this device is specifically devised to set under the television set. 

Under this shade, the Xbox One holds eight-core x86 processors along with 8GB of RAM. Apart from this, it also features an amped 853 MHz GPU, 32 MB of eSRAM implanted memory, and 500 GB of local storage.

Getting a convenient as well as a suitable way to play high-quality graphics games is not a simple job. You will also require an LCD display or a high-quality monitor in order to ensure that you take full benefits of both the games and gaming devices.  

However, you will have to go through some easy steps for playing Xbox one on laptop. You can accomplish this by utilizing an HDMI wire with ease. You are recommended to take a glance at the below guide to know how you can do this on your own. 

Easy Tricks to Connect Xbox One to Laptop

There is a lot of things you will have to connect Xbox to laptop screen. Some of them are: 

  • HDMI cable
  • Xbox One
  • .A laptop that supports HDMI connection

Before going to connect the Xbox One device to the display of your laptop through an HDMI cable, there are several things you will have to do. Due to a few restrictions, there are several variabilities between diverse manufacturers of laptops. Before going to know how to play Xbox One on laptop with HDMI, you will have to know the contrast between the HDMI output and HDMI input. So, first, realize the contrast between them. 

HDMI Output vs HDMI Input: 

When it comes to video and audio, utilizing HDMI cable has been recognized as a convenient connection for advanced high-quality PC or gaming consoles. A normal HD television comes with a lot of HDMI inputs that let the user obtain the full benefit of it by catching up with various HD machines at the same time. HDMI ensures to present best-quality audio and video.  

HDMI Outputs: 

HDMI outputs are used to maintain video and audio signals in the HDMI input. Moreover, it also generates connections between digital devices and HDMI inputs. Processing and receiving the data is executed by this part. As an example, a Blu-ray gamer could be attached to an HDMI device via HDMI outputs on an A/V receiver. Alternatively, it also can be executed directly by attaching through the HDMI inputs of the TV.  

HDMI Inputs: 

Usually, HDMI inputs are seen in digital TV’s as well as home theaters. Such machines are specifically produced to catch one end of the HDMI wire by which the attachment is overbuilt, and audio & video are conveyed. A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles are some of the most famous examples of these machines.  

How to Connect Xbox One to Laptop Through HDMI? 

Now, it’s time to solve your queries related to how to play Xbox One on laptop. It’s an extremely simple process to attach Xbox One to your laptop display through HDMI. To do this, you can perform the steps as follows: 

Step 1: 

First, you will have to disable the gaming console. Before going to turn off the gaming console, you need to ensure that any of the programs or software and games are not running in the background of the system. 

Moreover, you will also have to make sure that there are no installation or downloading process in the background. But still, if you have any vital tasks or windows running, then you can wait a few times until the tasks complete. Once the task finishes, you are ready to proceed with further steps. 

Step 2: 

Thereafter, you will have to ensure that the HDMI wire is working in a proper way. Next, connect one terminal of the HDMI wire to the HDMI port of the Xbox One device. You will find this on the backside of the device. 

There are a few laptops that don’t come with an HDMI port – so, ensure that the laptop you are using has a working HDMI port. After that, connect another terminal of the HDMI wire to the HDMI port of your laptop. If you see that there is no HDMI port on your laptop, then nothing to get worried about this. In that case, just purchase an HDMI adaptor to solve this problem.  

Step 3: 

After attaching both the devices to each other, turn the gaming console On. Now, wait for a few seconds till the gaming console hints you for owning a link within the console and laptop. Sometimes, it might also take a few seconds. After detecting and recognizing your laptop, you can perform the next step given below.  

If the gaming console doesn’t show you any hint or if it takes too much time to respond, then launch the Display settings of the laptop. For that, open the Main menu and navigate to the ‘System Setting’. Then, find out the ‘Display Settings’ from the next page. On this page, you can do the required changes or customize the settings depending on your requirements.  

Step 4: 

The most crucial thing is to note that you can’t attach the display of the laptop with the gaming console by utilizing an HDMI output. To play the game, you will have to attach both to each other via an HDMI wire. After attaching the Xbox One with your laptop display, you can use a laptop display as an alternative option. 

These are the actions you will have to take. So, as we mentioned earlier, it’s quite simple as well as an easy method for the users who don’t have big rooms to set a TV on it. Usually, this procedure is perfect for those who live in dorms or want to install a TV in a small place.

Hopefully, these steps will assist you to know how to play Xbox one on laptop screen with HDMI. But still, if you face any problems while performing these steps, then you can perform the next method provided below. 

How to Play Xbox One on Laptop on Windows 10? 

If the above method fails to solve your queries related to how to use laptop as monitor for Xbox One, then another procedure to connect Xbox One to laptop is to make the connection through Windows 10 Operating System. Those devices that come with the most advanced Windows OS comes fruitful for this purpose. 

So, if you have one of these devices, you don’t require to perform the method by using HDMI cords. This procedure is also straightforward and simple. Windows 10 comes with an in-built feature of broadcast connectivity. It lets users attach various devices to connect without any wire. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s gaming consoles or speakers. The broadcast connectivity between these devices has become comfortable due to the Directx 12 feature from the Xbox One device and OS. Besides, the applications of the Xbox One device are compatible with the Windows 10 OS.  

By utilizing this program or application, you can experience seamless as well as more convenient broadcasting. This app provides you a broad array of features that will assist you whenever you need to attach the gaming console to your laptop. The application within your laptop also comes with a remote control feature. 

It can help you by providing a smooth and better gaming experience. Furthermore, it provides a high-end graphical interface and better control to the gamers. Besides, the sensational feature of the Xbox One application lets gamers broadcast as well as attach games directly to the display of the laptop.  

It needs a wireless connection so that it operates seamlessly. The speed of streaming of games completely depends on the speed and reliability of the internet. To commence streaming on your Windows 10 OS, you will have to download and install the Xbox One application. For that, you can visit the official website of Microsoft. You can get this application without any cost.  

Alternatively, you can also download and install the Xbox One application from somewhere else. After completing the installation process, open the app, and then click on the sign-in button. Perform the login by entering the login credentials. But, if you don’t have an account, then you can perform the registration process in order to set up a new account.

After logging into your Xbox account, you will have to launch the Settings from the gaming console and then turn the game streaming option On. On the Settings page, you can also set your preferences as per your requirements. However, don’t forget to tick the box that prompts 

‘Allow game stream to paired devices’. 

After enabling this, you will get the Connect button. Tap on it to be connected. While performing the entire procedure, you will have to ensure that both your gaming console and laptop are connected to the same wireless connection. If you are attached to various devices, then you can enter the correct IP address in both of your devices manually.  

Hopefully, it will help you to know how to connect the Xbox one to your laptop. However, if you are a user of an old-model laptop, then you might require access to BIOS. Moreover, you will also have to change some configurations according to your requirements. 

Easy Steps to Access BIOS on your Laptop

If you are using an old laptop and wish to connect Xbox One to laptop, then you will have to know the steps to access BIOS on your laptop before going to know how to play Xbox one on laptop screen with HDMI. However, to access the BIOS for advanced system settings, you can perform the steps as follows:  

  1. In the beginning, turn the laptop Off and then attach the power cable to the power outlet.  
  2. Now, press the Power switch of the laptop to turn it On. 
  3. Press the F10 key and hold it for a few seconds in order to boot the device.  
  4. Once the BIOS menu opens on the screen, you can release the key.  
  5. Afterward, you will get the BIOS options. Click on it. 
  6. Next, click on the ‘Change the settings and save them’ option from the next screen. 

The most commonly utilized configurations in BIOS include booting from USB devices and DVD or CD, memory issues, hard disk issues, and troubleshooting problems.  

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Wrapping up…

This was a complete guide on how to play Xbox One on laptop. These steps have already helped so many gamers to play Xbox One on their laptop. We hope it will also help you to connect Xbox One to your laptop with ease.

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