How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart TV? [Easy Tips and Tricks]

Nowadays, Smart TV also comes with an Operating System similar to mobile devices. These Smart TVs let you download and install 3rd party apps and access, manage, and view network-based online content. Moreover, if you have a smart television, then you will also don’t require to attach any supplementary box such as Roku, Firestick, etc. 

Therefore, to use your Smart TV just like your mobile device, you can install 3rd party apps on your smart television. But, if you are unaware of how to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV, then this guide can help you a lot. Here, we are going to provide some easy tips and tricks that can help you to add apps to LG Smart TV on your own. 

Some More Details on Adding Apps to LG Smart TV

LG smart television gives you entrance to online content. For that, you can attach to the corresponding Ethernet or Wi-Fi or broadband network that you utilize to attach your computer or smart devices with. Ethernet gives you a stable as well as a better attachment with your smart television. Therefore, if the smart television is in another room or fixed at a lengthy distance from your router device, then the most convenient and the best option you will have is Wi-Fi.

After turning the smart TV on and attaching it to the Ethernet connection of Wi-Fi, you will be prompted to provide your login credentials. Enter the secret code along with the Username given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Once you complete the logging process, the smart television will show an on-screen menu that will hold all the accessible channels in the form of apps given by your ISP. 

Besides, LG smart television also comes with a few pre-installed apps. Moreover, it also allows you to download your preferred applications from the All Library or App Store of your smart TV. You can view thumbnails of the applications in the on-screen menu when you tap on the icon of any particular channel or application. A smart television has the ability to show you the content that the channels or apps are offering. 

So, you can choose any of the content that you prefer to watch from there. All the contacts run exactly the same as you navigate through applications such as YouTube and Netflix from your mobile device. But, according to some users they are facing problems while adding apps to LG smart TV. If you are a non-tech savvy person, then you also might face some problems to do this. Therefore, let us explain how to add apps on LG smart TV.  

Here, we are about to discuss some easy tips and tricks that can help you to add third-party applications to your LG smart television. Just stick to this guide till the end and we can assure you that you will be able to use 3rd party apps on your LG smart TV with ease.  

Note: Sometimes, the procedures we are going to provide in the below section might differ from model to model as all the models come with a different user interface. Although most of the smart TV models of LG offer the same features – still, there are some differences in the on-screen menus of the televisions.  

Now, let’s drive to the main part of this guide, i.e, how to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV

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Step-by-Step Methods on How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart TV? 

Similar to another smart TV, LG smart television also runs on an OS known as Web Operating System. This works on two different platforms – they are Netcast and WebOS. Both of these two platforms offer a broad range of advanced applications, games, channels, TV shows, movies, as well as other media that you can access with ease. Generally, there are 200 applications available on the LG App Store that you can download and use as per your choice.

How to Add Applications to LG Smart TV? 

As we mentioned earlier, LG smart television runs only on Netcast and WebOS. However, you can perform the below steps in order to add applications to your LG smart television. 

How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart TV Utilizing WebOS?  

To get apps on your LG smart television, you can perform the steps mentioned below:  

  1. First of all, open the home menu of the smart TV. For that, press the Quick or Home key from the remote of your smart TV. 
  2. Next, move the cursor to the right bottom pane of the display. There you will see a ‘More Apps’ option. Tap on that. 
  3. After that, launch the LG App store or content store of your LG smart TV. It will open a lot of options in front of you. 
  4. Decide the premium plan that you wish to get from the list and click on that. 
  5. On the next page, you will see 4 columns depending on games, movies, apps, TV shows, or Live TV. 
  6. Next, click on the search bar and then type the name of the application you prefer to download and install from the LG App store. 
  7. Once you get that app, select that and then tap on the Install button in order to download and install that on your smart television. 
  8. After completing the installation process, the application will show on the Home screen of your smart TV. 

Now, you can launch the application from the Home screen to stream or view the video contents of that platform.   

How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart TV Utilizing Netcast?  

In case you have purchased an LG smart television that runs on Netcast OS, then you can perform the below steps in order to see your preferred channels on the smart TV: 

  • In the beginning, you can perform the same step. Press the Start or Home button from the remote of your Smart TV. It will open the quick menu on the display of the TV.  
  • On the next page, navigate to the ‘Premium’ category. Once it launches the Premium page, it will provide you a lot of options to choose from. 
  • Search or find the application that you wish to have on your smart TV from the LG App store.
  • Once you locate your preferred app, you will have to click on the Install button in order to download and install that application on your TV. 
  • After completing the downloading process of the app, you will get it on the Home screen of the smart TV. 
  • Thereafter, tap on the Launch option. Once it opens the application, click on the ‘Sign in’ button. 
  • If you already have an account on that particular platform, then perform the login by providing the login credentials. Else, you can generate a distinct account. 
  • Once you logged in to the newly downloaded application, you will be able to have an endless streaming experience.  

So, these are steps that can help you to solve all of your queries related to how to add Applications to LG smart TV. 

Now, hopefully, your queries for how to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV is resolved. Nothing to get worried regarding the update of the application. If the latest version of any premium apps is available in the LG App store, then the smart TV will download and install that upgraded version automatically.  

Can you Download any Third Party Application on an LG Smart Television?

In one word – no. There are no ways to get a third-party application on your LG smart television. Smart televisions manufactured by LG run on Netcast or WebOS that don’t provide any option or any feature to get ant applications from anonymous origins. You only have the option to get applications on your smart television that are available on the LG App store or LG content store.  

Therefore, if you wish to have any third-party application on your smart television, then you can utilize a streaming gadget such as Firestick or Google Chrome. Moreover, which application you can use for your smart television also depends on your country.  

Henceforth, modifying the services of the country can be beneficial for you that can help you to install applications out of your country. But, you won’t be required to perform the setup process of the entire television once again in order to get third-party applications. You will only have to change the location of your LG service. 

Are you confused about how to do this – nothing to get worried about this. We are going to help you by providing some easy steps that can be applied to get third-party applications on your LG smart television. So, perform the steps as follows: 

Step 1: 

First and foremost, open the Start menu and then click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. Then, move the cursor to the General tab and click on that. Locate the ‘Location’ button and tap on it. 

The best thing about the LG smart television is it comes with two different options. The first one is the ‘LG Services Region’ and the other one is ‘Broadcast Region’. The biggest advantage of these two different options is that you can view content from your region by having the broadcast services of LG from another region or another country whose application you like to have on your smart television.  

Step 2:

Next, tap on the ‘LG Broadcast Service’ and then select the location of wherever channels or applications you wish to have the smart television. Let’s assume you wish to get a channel or application from the region of the UK. Henceforth, you can choose the UK from the list of regions of the Broadcast services of LG. As a result, you might get a warning message that prompts you to tap on the Yes button.  

Step 3: 

Thereafter, the television will reboot and it will open the Home screen within a few seconds. After a few seconds, press the Smart or Home button from the remote control of the television. As a result, it will open a drop-down menu. 

There you will notice a few new applications due to the alteration of the broadcast services of LG. Next, visit the LG App store or LG Content store. It will inform whether you are consent to the terms and conditions. Go through all the options carefully and then tap on the Agree option.  

Step 4: 

It will launch the LG App store. Then, search for the particular channel or application that you wish to have on your smart television. Tap on the thumbnail followed by the Install button. 

Once you complete the installation process, press the Start or Home key from the remote and then open Settings. Afterward, move the cursor to the General Settings tab and then replace the Broadcast services of your television to your region. 

Step 5: 

Now, the smart television will prompt you to agree to the terms and conditions. To show your consent, tap on the Agree button. 

After a few seconds, you will be able to see the newly downloaded application on the Home screen of your television. Lastly, upgrade the newly downloaded application to the latest release to experience limitless streaming service.  

Note: We can’t assure that this method or procedure will run on your smart television as some users get the applications downloaded in this process working and there are also some users who have to find these applications that don’t run on their television.  

There are also some valid reasons behind this issue – i.e. that application will check the IP address both of the computer and internet. You can also avoid this situation by purchasing a VPN service. It will allow you to hide the region from where you are using this service. 

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Sum up Things…

So, these are the ways how to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV. All the steps mentioned in the above article are foolproof and already helped several LG users to get third-party applications on their LG smart television. Hopefully, it will also help you to get your preferred application with ease.

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