Delete Your DigiLocker Account with Effective Tactics

DigiLocker was introduced in 2015 by the Indian Government. In the same year, the Government of India also launched a cloud service and a mobile app. With these, you can securely and digitally save your official and important documents. 

 Remember that managing official documents is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to laminate your official documents in order to preserve them. However, if you by chance lost your official documents, then you might have to go through a long procedure to get your official documents back. 

Hence, sometimes you might have to delete or deactivate your DigiLocker account. Wish to know how to delete DigiLocker account permanently, then you must continue reading the passage. 

Types of Documents you can Upload to your DigiLocker Account? 

Lots of documents, you can store within your DigiLocker account. Let’s take an example, you can store your Driving Licence provided by the Ministry of Road and Transport within the DigiLocker account. 

Generally, you can upload two types of documents to the DigiLocker account. Such as, you can upload documents that are directly issued by the corresponding authorizations. Such as, in case you wish to save the driving license, at first, you must fill up an online form with the necessary steps from the database. 

Apart from this, you can save other types of documents as well. Let’s take an example, in case you want to store your semester mark sheet to your DigiLocker account, then you just have to scan and upload your mark sheet to your DigiLocker account. 

Benefits of DigiLocker

In case, you are a citizen of India, and if you store your data within the DigiLocker, then you will get numerous benefits as well. 

  • Save paper and administrative cost
  • With the DigiLocker, you will get access to a document from anywhere at any time
  • Apart from this, you can quickly share your online documents
  • Besides, DigiLocker allows you to claim for the Govt benefits as well as make the procedure faster. 

Here- Is how to Delete DigiLocker Account

Sometimes you can even store the documents that have not been verified by the Government. However, occasionally, your DigiLocker account might create some trouble for you and because of this, you might search for how to delete DigiLocker account. Are you one of those who are facing some problems with the DigiLocker account, then continue reading. 

Now, if you wish to delete your DigiLocker account permanently, you just have to send a mail to the support team of the DigiLocker. The official mail id of the DigiLOcker support team is [email protected] Within 24 hours your account is deleted permanently. However, sometimes, due to some technical glitches, removing the DigiLocker account might take some time. However, the whole procedure shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 days. 

Tips to Delete DigiLocker Account 

Now, in case you are not comfortable with the above method and also do not want to send any mail in order to delete your DigiLocker account, then here is another alternative procedure that you can try to deactivate your DigiLocker account. 

To do, the first thing that you have to do is to launch a browser from your computer and then sign in to your DigiLocker account. Thereafter, you must switch to the Dashboard and from there you should proceed to the Uploaded Documents section. 

Then, within the Uploaded Document section, what you need to do is to hit the Delete icon in order to remove the documents from the Database and then you can delete your DigiLocker account. 

Remove the Issued Documents from the DigiLocker Account

Facing issues with a specific document? Then simply login to your DigiLocker account and after that you can quickly remove that specific document. Keep in mind that, still, you are unable to deactivate DigiLocker account permanently. As this option is still not available for the common people. 

However, we believe that the Govt will take the necessary actions as early as possible. Now, these are the directions that you must follow to remove a document from your DigiLocker account. 

  • At first, you must head to the official website of the DigiLocker account. 
  • Then, enter your Aadhaar Card number, linked mobile number as well as one-time password and then sign in to your DigiLocker account. 
  • The next task that you have to perform is to find out the issued documents and then tap on the three dots. In addition, you must tap on the Delete your Document option. After that, your document will be deleted permanently from your DigiLocker account. 

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Within the DigiLocker account, you can safely store your valuable data and certificates. However, sometimes due to many reasons, you might need to delete your DigiLocker account. Are you one of them who is searching for ways to Delete DigiLocker account? You can apply these tactics. However, we must inform you that you can’t permanently remove your DigiLocker account. Hence, it is always a better option to contact the support team of DigiLocker. 

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