Easy Hacks to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

It’s really irritating if a Twitter account gets suspended. Do you know what to do with a suspended Twitter account? You have the option to delete a suspended Twitter account to get rid of it. However, if you are unaware of how to deactivate a suspended Twitter account, then this guide can help you a lot. Here in this guide, we are about to discuss some easy tips and tricks that can help you to delete a suspended Twitter account on your own. In addition, here we have also included the reasons that are responsible for this problem. So, let’s start.

Why did a Twitter Account Get Halted? 

Twitter always prides itself on being a responsible social media platform for all its users along with a protected habitat. Therefore, whenever someone breaks or seems to have infringed the ‘Twitter Rules’, Twitter authority takes it extremely sincerely and continues to either permanently or temporarily discontinue your account – it’s truly fair and simple, to be honest. 

These are the corresponding customs that are the frame of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Twitter that you consent to when you open an account on this social media platform. You can go through these rules and regulations in detail on the official website of Twitter. But, for now, we are going to explain some of the significant ruins that make your Twitter account susceptible to the stoppage.

Know the Causes for the Suspension of Twitter Account 

Before going to know how to delete a suspended Twitter account, first, you will have to understand why the Twitter account got excluded. For that, some of the main causes have been given below:

  • Spam Tweets or awkward behavior of the users.
  • The safety of an account is at risk if it has been hacked or other causes that may point to short suspension.
  • Rude behavior has been seen from the Twitter account.
  • Imitation of other users may also point to permanent or temporary suspension.
  • Threat tweets from an account. 

Now, you are very much aware of the probable reasons why Twitter may get suspended. So, let’s drive to the tricks to delete a suspended Twitter account.

How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account? 

You can only delete a Twitter account when it’s not suspended by the Twitter authority. Therefore, the initial task of deleting a suspended Twitter account is to get the account unsuspended. Thereafter, you can delete the Twitter account with a simple trick. 

How to Get a Twitter Account Unsuspended?

You can get all of your queries for how to revoke a Twitter account solved in this section. There are several methods to get a Twitter account unsuspended. Here are the ways you can follow that: 

Procedure 1: Revoke the Suspension of your Twitter Account Yourself 

Before going to perform any complicated method, you should try revoking the suspension of the Twitter account on your own. For that, first, open the Login page of Twitter. Once it asks for your contact number or email, provide them in their respective field. Afterward, a few important instructions will be laid down on the screen. Follow them accordingly to revoke the suspension promptly. 

Procedure 2: ‘Un-Lock’ your Twitter Account

If a Twitter account is reported mistakenly or genuinely because of the threat-oriented or abusive tweets, then it may be locked. However, you can Un-Lock this easily from the login page of Twitter. Open the Login page and enter your login credentials. After clicking on the Login button, you will see that your Twitter account is locked. There you will also get instructions that you will have to follow carefully. Complete the instructions and the suspension of your Twitter account will be unsuspended within a short time. 

Procedure 3: Move to Appeal

If the above ways failed to revoke your Twitter account, then you can apply this way. This is a slightly lengthy method – but, it’s truly the ultimate option you can try in these situations. However, you can proceed to ‘Appeal’ to the Twitter authority pleading your suspension case to them. If you will be able to satisfy them with your explanation, then probably they will unsuspend your account within a few times. But, mostly, it takes a long time. So, it’s always better to go with this option after trying the above methods. 

Hopefully, now, you have successfully removed the Twitter account from suspension. So, it’s time to delete the suspended Twitter account.

How to Delete your Suspended Twitter Account? 

As we mentioned earlier, before going to delete a suspended Twitter account, it’s essential to unsuspend it first. Once you did this, you can proceed to delete the account with ease. First, click on the Profile button and then tap on the gear-shaped Settings button. Thereafter, navigate to the Privacy menu. Next, click on the Account option followed by the Deactivate button.

Sum up Things…

It’s pretty simple once you know the process that primarily includes getting a Twitter account unsuspended and then erasing it as you have a normal Twitter account. Now, you have learned all the relevant information – so, it’s time to conclude this guide. We hope, this article has solved all your queries about how to delete a suspended Twitter account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Deactivate a Suspended Twitter Account? 

No, there is no option to deactivate a suspended Twitter account. So, you can’t deactivate your Twitter account if it’s get suspended previously. You require to get your Twitter account unsuspended while deactivating it.

How to Deactivate a Suspended Twitter Account? 

If you wish to deactivate a Twitter account permanently, you can proceed with these steps: 

Profile → Setting → Privacy → Account → Deactivate

How to Get a Suspended Twitter Username? 

In case you forget the username of your suspended Twitter account, then you can get this from the Twitter Login page. 

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