Everything you Need to Know About Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

Minecraft emphasizes a famous magic witchery attraction that is named by the Minecraft curse of vanishing. It’s nothing but a treasure enchantment in Minecraft that lets the gamers curse on any object in the game. If a gamer falls by utilizing this disgusting spell, then that particular object will disappear instead of falling on the ground. Apart from this, it has some other applications – but the chief utilization of this curse is to utilize to troll around your associates in the game. 

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss some vital things that you will require to know like – what is curse of vanishing, how to use it, and how to remove curse of vanishing. Therefore, you are recommended to keep scrolling this article till the end to be aware of all of these things. So, let’s start. 

What is the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft? 

The Minecraft curse of vanishing is really involved in the most precious charmed book sets. You will require to ‘sacrifice’ a thing to be cursed with the disappearing curse enchantment in order to get this.  

The curse of vanishing charm can be utilized to several weapons by ordering it collectively in an iron block, game order, or the captivating table. The congenial things you can merge with the curse include Fishing Rods, Bow, Pickaxe, Swords, Axe, Shovel, Shield, Hoe, etc. 

However, you can utilize this curse to the device of the gamer. In addition, they will drop the argument. When this device is being abused with a curse of disappearing charm, it will only get separated when the gamer dies in the game. It doesn’t fall after they disappear.

For the Minecraft curse of vanishing level 1, the curse will let you delight an item up to the level, not a more distinguished level. As you require to know, level 1 is the most distinguished level in this game.

What does Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft

It can be utilized on any items, Fishing Rod, Armor, axz, and so many others will completely disappear whenever the gamer holding the object vanishes. Moreover, this charm also goes for things on the table as well. Besides, once the object on which the interval is cast vanishes, it disappears for good. Even it can’t allow you to find that fallen item.

The main cause why Minecraft attached this charm is that you can claim yourself for not falling. These intervals in Minecraft can be utilized on any item. However, the charm also can be utilized on weapons, shields, and elytra.

If you are wicked and also prefer wizardry and witchcraft, then you can try this charm in Minecraft. Additionally, the Vanishing charm Minecraft also tallied one more conflicting treasure charms in order to defeat the fright that is known as the Curse of Binding. It’s also a wicked charm of Minecraft.

You can collect the charms by utilizing the hidden fishing, loot chests, or even treasures with other gamers. You might have deemed that the evanescent charm is something like to escape yourself.

No need to feel embarrassed about it, it seemed quite alike when the charm first took place in Minecraft. But, it’s a disappearing charm but only utilized on armors and items. Usually, when you fall into the Minecraft world intentionally or accidentally, the contained things in your list are fallen into the ground.

But, if you are in Multiplayer mode, then another gamer will surely take the benefits of this demise and obtain your valuable items. So, you will need to change the Difficulty level of Minecraft in order to deal with them.

To prevent another gamer from taking your worthy things, the curse can be utilized. If you apply the Minecraft curse of vanishing on any item, then that thing will die for good and can’t be obtained by your competitors.

You also can combine the Cursed charm by utilizing the enchanting table, game command, or anvil. In addition, you will also have to fall to ensure the vanishing charm to work in a proper way.  

If you utilize the charm on armor, then it will totally vanish when you fall. Usually, this charm goes only when particular components are given to it. The highest level for utilizing the vanishing charm in this game is Level 1. Therefore, you can only utilize the charm in any one particular item. 

You can’t apply it to various items. Henceforth, you can imply this is the detriment of the charm. The thing that is cursed requires not to be held by the gamer. Even if the rules of the game keep the index set to genuine, then the thing will fall rather than dropping on the spot as soon as the gamer expires. 

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing Enchantment Table

Here is the table of the curse of vanishing Minecraft


Minecraft Charm Namespaced ID Purpose of Charm Things that can be charmed No of highway level Weight of the charm Minecraft  ID Version of Minecraft 
Minecraft curse of vanishing Vanishing curse  Once the gamer dies, things will completely disappear  Armors, weapons, tools 1 1 71 This is available only on the Minecraft version v. 1.11 and above. It is not available on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, Education Edition, or on Windows 10 Edition. 
Curse of Binding Binding curse Stop other gamers from taking your valuable things   Armors ____ ____ 27 This is available only on the Minecraft version v. 1.11 and above. It is not available on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, Education Version, or on Windows 10 OS. 

Tricks to Find out Minecraft Curse of Vanishing Enchantment Book

Sometimes, finding the charm book does depend on your fate. But, you can use a Village Librarian in order to obtain the disappearing book – it’s the most simple method used by several gamers. For that, you simply will have to arrange some bookcases as well as a platform in order to exchange the charm books with the settlement curator.

But, in the version of Minecraft Bedrock, you can’t perceive the charm with ease. Either you will need to utilize third-party software or you can also transform Xbox one edition world to Bedrock Edition that has the problem. If you are unaware of how to do this, then you can perform the methods described below:  

Method 1: Using the Enchantment Command

If you are in the JAVA edition of Minecraft (it doesn’t matter whether you are using PC or MAC), then you can use the Minecraft charm commands. It can assist you to get the book of curse with ease. To do this, you can enter the command given below:  

/enchant @w (name of the gamer) disappearing_curse 16

Note: In this command, 16 indicates the quantity of books you require.

Method 2: Trade with a Village Librarian

After using the enchantment commands mentioned in the previous method, if you are still not able to find out the Minecraft curse of vanishing charm book, then you can find it via trading. If you have a lectern and some bookcases, then go near a village and try to find a librarian that is ready to trade the things for a disappearing curse spellbook. Therefore, this process is extremely easy as well as also inexpensive as you just require only some bookcases and a lectern. 

Method 3: Find Loots in Underwater Ruins or Fishing in the River 

You can also try this method in order to find out the Minecraft curse of vanishing charm book. There is less possibility to find a Minecraft Disappearing Book while Fishing in the river – it’s nearly 2%. But, rifling in Wrecks can also provide a greater possibility to obtain the charm book.

As we mentioned previously, the magic charms can be detected with ease. But still, sometimes, it depends on the luck of the gamers. You can steal for cells, Stupas (Underwater Ruins, Desert Temples) for the charm books.  

Once you comprehend the Minecraft disappearing charm book, you will be able to utilize the oath on things deliberately during games or for hell. 

How to Utilize the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing Charm on Any Object?  

You can utilize the Minecraft cursed charm on any of the things including Diamond Shovel, Armors, Stone pickaxe, fishing rod, and so on. As a concern of reality, the things to charm with the oath appears to be infinite. Do you know the ways to utilize the charm for Minecraft Oaths? You will require 3 things for the disappearing charm recipe: 

  • A Disappearing Curse Charm Book
  • An Anvil
  • The thing that is to be cursed

Now, here are the steps you can perform in order to utilize the Disappearing charm of Minecraft:  

  1. First of all, get a disappearing charm book and then set it in the inventory.
  2. After that, set an Anvil inside, and nearby it, place the vanishing charm book that you wish to curse.
  3. Lastly, set the disgusting thing on your table seeing that the thing is now banned.

How to Remove Curse of Vanishing

The impact of the charm can be revoked in various forms. One of them is by putting the odious thing within a shaker case and the another is placing the keep record game habit to correct. In addition, there are also a few other ways such as connecting the offensive thing with other things from the crafting interface or utilizing the abrasive. 

You might deem that it is quite impossible to release the charm. There is a lot of 100% foolproof ways to get rid of the bad charm. These processes are known as White Magic. However, you can apply the below tricks in order to get rid of the Minecraft curse of vanishing enchantment from any object: 

Method 1: Add the Cursed Thing with the Same Thing But Un-enchanted

The curse can be destroyed with this simplistic crafting method. All you require is the oathed thing and that related thing but not odious. 

In the beginning, open the Crafting Table and then place the cursed thing as well as the alike another un-cursed thing. After doing this, you will be able to see that the Curse Disappears itself by restoring all the damages automatically. Blending the 2 things will not just eliminate the charm – but also restore the destruction of the thing. It will also restore things such as Diamond Sword, Armor, and so on. 

After doing this, if you see that you are still struggling with the same problem, then you can move on to the other ways described below. 

Method 2: Enable the Keep Inventory

You can enable the Keep Inventory – it can also help you to disable the curse for good by executing the malicious charm completely ineffective. Additionally, this step entirely works fine in the PS4 – but sometimes, it doesn’t work in the Bedrock Edition.  

Besides, you can attempt in Bedrock Version or JAVA to discern if this method went for you or not. You will notice an option known as Game Rule in the Keep Inventory. Fix it to Genuine and the Minecraft curse of vanishing won’t be of any tolerance.

Some gamers report that they don’t have keep Inventory – if you are also one of them, then nothing to get worried about this. You can perform the other ways described below in order to eliminate the MC Cursed charm.  

Method 3: Utilize a Grindstone

These are particularly utilized on weapons or instruments in order to eliminate charms but not oaths. But, if you utilize a grindstone on any instrument, then it seems that all charms employed to the same instrument disappear alongside the oath in Minecraft.

There are also some Minecraft gamers who have discovered this method as un-effective. However, don’t worry. You can also utilize a grindstone on a fishing rod in order to eliminate only the disappearing curse but not other charms as well. 

How to Eliminate Vanishing Enchantment Curse on Fishing Rods in Minecraft?

The most dependable way to eliminate the charm on fishing rods is to utilize a grindstone. There are several Minecraft gamers who have experienced it on the Fishing rod. But, most of them are unaware of how to eliminate it from the item.  

You can utilize a grindstone and set the cursed fishing rod at the base slot and then set the un-cursed fishing rod at the topmost slot. If the curse is placed on the bass fishing rod, then it will be disappeared and you will be able to eliminate the vanishing charm on a fishing rod.

The curse on the 2nd thing (beneath slot thing) vanishes while adjusting in a grindstone. This step is surprisingly powerful and so it is recommended to attempt this method if you are suffering a curse of vanishing Minecraft particularly on Fishing Rods.  

Know the Variations Between the Vanishing Spell in Minecraft and the Curse of Binding

The key distinction between the Curse of disappearing and binding is that the Curse of Binding is an individual spell utilized on the Armor for limiting the gamer to eliminate it. But, the Armor can only be eliminated if it gets destroyed or if the gamer falls. In the contrast, the Cursed spell is the charm utilized on anything to get disappeared after the gamer falls.

The determination of both the treasure charms is inadequate as well as beneficial in several forms. These charms are an unusual gift in Minecraft. Henceforth, why not utilize these charms for your benefit? The curse of Binding supports the gamers to adhere to the Armor charmed with. This is extremely beneficial if you are a trolling gamer.

Utilize the Curse of Binding Spell in a pumpkin and influence other gamers to use it. Seems like the gamer is going to be terminated with an irritating vision if you earn them to wear the cursed pumpkin. Therefore, it’s more useful to evaluate doubly before using any items in the multiplayer form. 

However, you can get both of these charm spells by looting from chests, fishing, trading, or even drilling up the concealed treasure. 

Here, we are going to provide some other employment of the Vanishing Charm. Have a look at them:

  • Utilize the Vanishing curse on valuable things of other gamers and destroy them by beating them so that their things like arrows, rupees get disappeared forever and they have to again purchase the essence.
  • If you have a mighty sword – but, you also know that you are taking risks on your life on an adventure, then you can utilize it on a sword in order to protect the thing from other gamers.  
  • The most cooling secret is the Vanishing Book doesn’t vanish automatically when you fall. It remains the same.

However, if you now wish to know some secret facts regarding the binding enchantment, then take a glance at the points mentioned below:  

  • You can utilize it to recognize the team colors (you only can do this if you ally with other gamers) as the Armors can’t be eliminated. Furthermore, they can’t beat by altering teams (if you wish to play mini-games on the same server).
  • Utilize it on freeze walkers in order to prevent gamers from falling underwater.
  • Use the charm on a Moderate Boots for habitual trolling. 

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Sum up Things…

Now, it’s time to put an end to this guide. The Minecraft curse of vanishing is a treasured charm that is quite similar to the curse of binding. Both of these charms are corrupt as well as can’t be utilized for the appropriate persistence. 

In fact, the disappearing curse is utilized for not allowing gamers to have the valuable thing you got. Even after your fall in the game, gamers won’t be capable to assume the cursed thing. Therefore, it’s gone permanently. We hope, this guide will definitely help you to have a detailed idea about the Minecraft curse of vanishing

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do you mean by the Treasure Charm in Minecraft?

Treasure charm is nothing but the spells that are most probable to be obtained easily in the game.

What does the Disappearing Charm do to an Armor?

Once you apply the disappearing charm to the Armor, the Armor will absolutely vanish when you fall from the game.

Is it Possible to Remove the Disappearing Cursed Charm?  

Certainly – you can eliminate the curse with ease. But for that, you will have to combine the cursed things with other things that are un-cursed. Moreover, it also can be uplifted by utilizing a grindstone. 

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