Easy Hacks to Fix WhatsApp Unable to Send Photos Issue

In today’s world WhatsApp is a well-known messaging application. You can install this application on your Android device, iPhone, and iOS device, as well as the web version. With WhatsApp, you can easily send images, messages, voice calls, video calls, and other media files. 

Millions of people used WhatsApp. However, some people have reported that WhatsApp is not sending photos.  Are you one of those dealing with the same error and searching for Why can’t I send pictures on WhatsApp iPhone? Why are my pictures not sending? On the internet and unable to get a sufficient solution to this error, you must stay in this passage.

Here, we are about to discuss some of the top-notched solutions that you can try to fix the can’t send pictures on WhatsApp error within a flicker of time.

Easy Solutions to Fix WhatsApp won’t send Pictures on Android, iPhone, and iOS Devices.

These are some of the easy and effective solutions that you can try to solve the can’t send photos on WhatsApp on your own.

Solution 1:- Connectivity Issue

This is the first solution that you must apply to solve the  WhatsApp not sending photos problem at the earliest time. So, whenever you are trying to send a picture on WhatsApp, at first, you should check whether you have a strong internet connection or not. If you are using WhatsApp on your device, then ensure that your mobile Data is turned on.

Now, to check your internet connection, you should first open another website on your device. If you encounter everything is OK, you should check whether you have correctly set the date and time. 

Solution 2:- Check the Date and Time

It’s another possible culprit for the can’t send photos on WhatsApp issue. Hence, in this situation, we suggest you inspect the date and time on your device. And if you see that it has been set incorrectly, then correctly set the date and time and after that try to send the photo again.

Solution 3:- Check the SD Card

Remember that whenever you are trying to send an image, your WhatsApp will automatically keep a backup on the SD memory card. Hence, if you are suffering from WhatsApp not sending photos, you should first check the SD card. To do so, at first, proceed to the File Manager. From there, head to the WhatsApp Media tab. Then, you must tap on the WhatsApp Images button and click on the Sent option.

If you see that your SD card doesn’t have sufficient space, you might have to deal with such an issue. Hence, if you encounter that the SD card is full, then delete the old media you don’t need anymore. After that, again try to resend the images. 

Solution 4:- Delete the WhatsApp Cache Data

If there’s no issue with the date and time, as well as having enough space in the SD card and still unable to send images, we advise you to remove the WhatsApp cache data. 

For this, you should first open the Settings section on your device. Within the Settings application, go to the bottom and click on the Apps option to open all the installed applications. Then, from the installed applications, you should find out and tap on WhatsApp.In addition, you need to tap on the Clear Data option. 

Within a couple of seconds, two options will pop up on display. The two options will be Clear Cache and Clear all Data. Besides, you will require to click on the Cache button. In case a confirmation message occurs on display, click on Yes to confirm the deleting procedure. Then, see if the  WhatsApp not sending photos error still occurs or not.

Solution 5:- Upgrade the WhatsApp Messenger

So you have already applied the above two solutions, and none of them works for you, right? Then it’s highly suggested updating your WhatsApp messenger to its best-recommended version. For that, in the beginning, you should open Google Play Store on your device. In addition, switch to the top-left corner and choose the My Apps & Games option. Furthermore, you must have to hit on the Update button. Within a couple of seconds, the Upgrading procedure will be started. Wait for some moments and let the updating procedure complete. When finished, then check if you can send images on WhatsApp or not. 

Solution 6:- Reinstall the WhatsApp Application

According to many users, sometimes, after reinstalling the WhatsApp application, you can fix the 

WhatsApp is not sending photos issue. To perform the task, at first, again open the Settings application on your device. Within the Settings tab, you must go to the bottom, and after that, locate and click on the Application Manager button.

Within the Application Manager, you must hit on the WhatsApp button. The next task that you should perform is to hit the Uninstall option. Wait for some moment and let your device uninstall WhatsApp. 

Once you have successfully uninstalled WhatsApp on your device, then reboot your device and open Google Play Store. Within the Search Bar, enter WhatsApp. Choose WhatsApp from the list of options and tap on the Install button. 

After installing WhatsApp on your device, again, you are advised to reboot your device and launch WhatsApp. Then, check if you can send images from your WhatsApp account or not. 

Solution 7:- Check your Gmail Account

I hope you might know that your smartphone is linked with your Gmail account and when WhatsApp is not sending photos, then there’s a possibility that you are using an invalid Gmail account. We suggest you check your Gmail account and again sign in with a valid mail id in such a condition.

For that, you must proceed to the Setting section on your device. After that, hit on the Accounts button as well as sign out from your smartphone. After that, you need to choose the Google Account option and tap on the Remove Account option. 

In addition, you are advised to use a valid mail id and log in to your device with this valid mail id. Then, again try to send images from your WhatsApp account and hope this time you will surely overcome the situation. 

Solution 8:- See if WhatsApp allow you to use Data

Occasionally, if you turn off the mobile data, you cannot send images to someone. In such a condition, you need to enable mobile data. To do so, again, you must open the Setting application on your device. Under Settings, head to the App and click on the Installed apps button. 

From there, you just have to find out as well as click on the WhatsApp option. In addition, you must tap on the Data Usage option. Then, check whether the mobile Data is enabled or disabled. If it’s disabled, then what you have to do is enable the mobile data and hope after that you will be able to send images to others successfully. 




Nowadays, almost and every person uses WhatsApp and WhatsApp not sending photos is also a common issue. Fortunately, if you thoroughly follow the passage, then you will surely get rid of the problem.


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