WhatsApp Display Picture not Showing: Here’s the Fix

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most preferred mobile messaging applications that has a huge user base. The diversified and easy functionality of this app makes it stand out from its competitors. So, it can be said that WhatsApp has become a close friend of everyone’s life. You can’t ignore the fact that WhatsApp is making everyone’s life more fun and attractive. 

Despite being one of the most used messaging applications, it’s not free of random glitches. Several WhatsApp users often report that the WhatsApp display picture not showing on their mobile. If you are also stuck with the same issue and looking for solutions, then this guide can help you a lot. Here’re some easy hacks that can help you to get rid of this issue. So, let’s start.

5 Easy Hacks to Fix WhatsApp DP not Showing

There are various ways to solve the ‘WhatsApp DP not visible’ issue. Some of them are described in the below section. So, let’s take a look at the solutions explained below: 

Way 1: Remove all Contacts and Save them Again with Different Names

Most of the time, the ‘WhatsApp DP not showing’ issue arises when there are some privacy restrictions on the side of the person whose display picture you are trying to see. So, if you are incapable to view the display photo of a particular contact on WhatsApp, then first, you can check the privacy settings of both of you and the receiver.

If you see everything in privacy settings is correct, then you will have to delete the contacts from your phone. Afterward, you can save the same number by using different names.  

After doing this, if you see that the problem is still not fixed, then you will have to notify the contact (whose display picture is not showing) and inform them to perform the same process mentioned earlier with your contact numbers. Once all the contacts of both sides will be saved with a different name, hopefully, the problem will be resolved. Else, you can try the other ways described below. 

Way 2: Clear the App Data and Cache

The cache has been utilized in order to store the most commonly used information in an app. Besides, there are also some limitations to the data storage of an app. So, you may encounter the ‘WhatsApp profile picture disappeared’ issue if the image rendering gets struck.

Basically, it completely depends upon the smartphone hardware configuration of the user and its active storage and app conditions. However, you can clear the cache and app data to check whether it can help you to solve the problem. Here are the steps you can follow to do this: 

  1. First and foremost, open the Settings on your smartphone.  
  2. Then, scroll down the page to look for the Applications tab. 
  3. Hit on the Application tab followed by the ‘Application Manager’ option. 
  4. On the next page, you will have to go to the left until you see the last of the applications under the ALL section.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and tap on the WhatsApp option.  
  6. Check the menu and find out the ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data’ option. 
  7. Click on the ‘Clear cache’ option first.  
  8. Once the process completes, reboot the device. 

After restarting the device, open WhatsApp. However, after opening the application you can check whether you are now able to see the profile picture.  

In case the issue persists, you can remove the app data from your device. Doing this will probably remove the app data like files, settings, etc. So, make sure that you have the required back up before doing this. 

To clear the app data, perform the first 6 steps from above and then click on the ‘Clear data’ option. After completing this, restart the device and check if the issue is fixed.  

After removing the cache and app data the application might get a little bit slower for a few times. But, nothing to get worried about this – it’s necessary to clear the cache and app data to get rid of this issue. 

After applying this solution, if you see that you are still not able to see the display picture of any contact, then move on to the other ways provided below. 

Way 3: Check the App Settings

WhatsApp often upgrades the security features in order to increase the secrecy of contacts display pictures. It lets the user control the protection of their personal data. For example, your WhatsApp display picture not showing to the other user until you don’t save or add the number or name of that user on your mobile device.

Therefore, if you don’t want to allow other WhatsApp users to see your display picture, then you can remove those phone numbers from your contact list. The contacts you have removed from your smartphone will not be capable to see your display picture until you approved that. This feature is extremely beneficial in a WhatsApp group. Furthermore, this option has been considered as an excellent option for female users as it is more essential for them to keep their privacy safe than men.

Way 4: Refresh the WhatsApp Contact List Manually

After checking the app settings, if you are still struggling with the ‘WhatsApp profile pic not showing’ issue, then you can refresh the WhatsApp contact manually. To do this, you can perform the steps as follows:

  1. In the beginning, launch Whatsapp on the smartphone.
  2. Then, hit on the icon present at the right bottom corner of the screen.  
  3. Afterward, look at the upper right pane of the screen to locate the three vertical dots.
  4. Tap on the icon looked like ‘three vertical dots’ next to the search button. 
  5. Choose Refresh from the list of available options.  
  6. Wait for a few seconds until it is loading. 

Once it completes the loading process, it will update your WhatsApp contact list. Now, you can check if you are now able to see the WhatsApp display picture of any other users. Else, you can reinstall the app to solve the ‘WhatsApp display picture not showing’ issue.

Way 5: Reinstall WhatsApp

If all the above ways failed to solve the ‘WhatsApp profile picture not updating’ issue, then you can reinstall the WhatsApp application as your last choice. To perform the reinstallation method, you will have to uninstall the application first from your smartphone. For that, perform 1 to 6 steps from the Way 2.

Thereafter, tap on the Uninstall button from the bottom of the page. Give your confirmation that you really wish to uninstall WhatsApp. As a result, it will uninstall the application within a few minutes. Once you uninstall the application, perform a restart. Next, open the Play Store of App Store and search for the WhatsApp application. 

Now, click on the Install button. Wait for a few seconds until it completes the installation process. Then, check if the ‘WhatsApp profile pic not showing’ issue is fixed now.


Wrapping up…

Now, it’s time to conclude this guide. The 5 solutions described in the above section are the ways to solve the ‘WhatsApp display picture not showing’ issue. All the ways described here are foolproof and already helped so many affected users to get rid of this problem. Hopefully, it will also help you to ease up your problem.


Why my DP is not Showing to Some Contacts?

It can happen due to a lot of reasons. Mostly, it happens when the privacy of your contact has been saved to Nobody.  

Can WhatsApp DP be Hide from few Contacts?

You can hide WhatsApp display pictures from selected Contacts by first limiting your DP to Contacts only and removing them from the Address books that you wish to hide the DP from.

How can I see Someones hidden WhatsApp DP?

It’s quite easy to see someone’s hidden WhatsApp DP. For that, first, go to the Profile Picture. Next, provide the Country details and then enter the mobile number of the user. Enter the Captcha and then tap on the View button. Hopefully, now, you will be able to see someone’s hidden WhatsApp DP.  

Why does my Profile Picture Keep Disappearing on WhatsApp?

If there are any problems in the settings of your WhatsApp application, then your display picture will keep disappearing on WhatsApp. 

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