Solutions To Resolve Tumblr App not Loading Images Error.

Tumblr is a well-known Micro-Blogging and Social Media Networking platform, and by using this platform, you can create your blog and post your content on the website. According to a recent survey, currently, more than 465 million people are using the Tumble app. However, nowadays, many users have claimed that Tumblr images not loading, and as a result, they will not be able to see images on their website.

Remember that most computer users have reported about the problem. But in recent days, Tumblr images won’t load Error also occurs in a different web browser. Fortunately, here we will discuss some of the common causes for the occurrence of the Error and, most importantly, the way to overcome the situation at the earliest time.

Why are Images not Loading on Tumblr?

Based on customer feedback and our years of experience here, we have listed the possible causes of the Tumblr pictures not loading on your web browser. Let’s check them thoroughly.

Overloaded Servers

If the server is overloaded, you might have to deal with the problem most of the time. If lots of users are online and they are using a server that hasn’t been configured properly, then the server might be overloaded, resulting in Tumblr not showing images.

Access Blockage

I hope you know that the Tumblr app contains a wide variety of content that will not be appropriate for younger people. Hence, this application is banned in many countries either partially or completely. Because of this, Tumblr won’t load images.

U-Block AddOn

Lots of browsers use UBlock AddOns. This AddOn restricts websites from showing ads and blocks them. Apart from this, U-Block Addon also blocks the websites that might bring harmful content to you. And sometimes, these U-Block addons might be responsible for the Tumblr photos not loading Error.

Effective Tactics to Resolve the Tumblr Images not Loading Error

I Hope, till now, you have understood the root causes of this irritating Error. Let’s check out the possible fixes for the images not loading on Tumblr.

Solution 1:- Change the Browser

As per lots of users, they can solve the problem after using a different browser. So, if you are suffering from the same Error, it’s highly suggested to use the Opera application. 

Install Opera

Keep in mind that Opera comes with the same feature as Chrome. However, it’s a much-advanced web browser with a unique solution and helping you reach your target audience. Apart from this, Opera comes with some advanced security and privacy. Besides, the Opera web browser provides a full-scale integrated VPN and an in-built AdBlocker. Hence, if you are suffering from Tumblr images not loading Error and searching for a secure web browser for your use, then you must install the Opera web browser.

Solution 2:- Reinitializing the Internet Router

In some rare cases, something might happen wrong with the internet configuration that might prevent the connection from being established appropriately. Hence, if the above solution doesn’t seem fruitful for you, you are strongly suggested to reinitialize the internet router to complete the power cycle. 

To perform the task, the first thing you have to do is take out the internet router from the wall. Afterward, you just have to press the Power Button. Keep holding the Power button for at least 40 to 45 seconds and then release it. 

Again, you should plug back the router to the wall. Wait for some moments and let the internet access be approved. See whether the problem has been troubleshot or not. 

Solution 3:- Disable the U-Block Addon

If you have installed the U-Block Addon on the web browser, this will restrict some content to properly load on your device. And sometimes, because of this, the Tumblr images not loading issue might occur. Hence, in this solution, we will discuss some pocket-friendly techniques to turn off the U-Block Addon.

If you use Google Chrome Browser

So, you are using Google Chrome browser and Tumblr not loading images on Chrome. Then you need to disable the U-Block Addon on your Google Chrome browser. To do so, at first, you must have to launch Google Chrome Browser from your device. Afterwards, you must have to open a new tab.

Switch to the top-right corner of the display and click on the Menu button. In addition, click on the More Tools button and from there proceed to the Extensions tab. Within the Extensions section, go to the bottom and hit on the toggle located below the U-Block or U-Block Origins to disable it. 

Close the browser and then restart your device. After that, you are advised to relaunch the Google Chrome browser and see the error status. 

If you use Microsoft Edge Web Browser

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser and dealing with the same issue, you should disable the U-Block AddOn on the web browser. To implement the task, at first, you must launch the Microsoft Edge browser from your computer. After that, you should launch a new tab. 

Again, switch to the top-right corner of the display and hit on the Menu option. Under the Menu tab, you must head to the bottom and tap on the Extensions option. Within a couple of seconds, lots of options will appear on display. From there, choose the U-Block or U-Block Origins option.

The next task you need to perform is to choose the Remove button to permanently delete the U-Block AddOn from your device. After that, see if the Tumblr images not loading still occurs or not.

For Mozilla Firefox

Tumblr images not loading on Firefox? Then you are advised to turn off the U-Block AddOn on Mozilla Firefox. To implement the task, the first thing that you need to do is to launch the Mozilla Firefox from your computer and launch a new tab. In addition, head to the top-right corner and then hit on the Menu button.

Within a flicker of time, you will see lots of options on the screen and then tap on the Add On option. After that, it would be best if you had to choose the Extensions or the Themes button. Then, you should click on the U-Block or U-Block Origins button. From the list of options, you must click on the Disable button. Afterward, exit from the browser and then reboot your system. Again, you must relaunch the Mozilla Firefox and see the status of the issue. 

Solution 4:- Add a VPN

This is the last troubleshooting technique that you can try to resolve the Tumblr images not loading issue. To perform the task, go to the Network Setting first. Within the Network Settings, locate and tap on the VPN button. Furthermore, it would help if you hit on the Add a VPN Connection button.

Instantly, a new window will pops-up will appear on the screen. Here, you must enter all the required information. You will get the information from your service provider. In addition, tick on the dialogue box beside the Remember my sign-in info option. 

After that, tap on the Save button, and from the newly created connection, you should click on the Connect option. After that, you have successfully added the VPN to your device. Then, reboot your device and hope you will be able to see images on the website this time. 

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There’s no doubt that Tumblr is an amazing application that allows you to create your blog and post your blogs on your website. However, occasionally you might have to deal with the Tumblr images not loading Error. Fortunately, if you thoroughly follow these tactics, you can solve the problem on your own.

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