Skype Not Sharing System Sound? Here are the Fixes

Share System Sound on Skype is very useful as by using this feature, you can share the computer sound to the other partner’s speaker. No doubt it’s a very useful feature, still, many Skype users reported that Skype Share System Sound not Working.

Now, imagine the situation, you are on a call and the Skype share sound not working. Well, nothing can be more frustrating than this situation. Fortunately, here we have come up with some easy and effective techniques that might assist you to solve the issue. However, before that let’s check out the possible causes for the occurrence of the error.

 Possible Causes of Skype Screen Share Audio not Working

There are lots of causes that might lead to the share system sound on Skype not working error. However, here for your help, we have prepared some of the root causes of this issue.

  • Windows Interface:-  Occasionally, due to incoming or outgoing calls, Windows might turn off the system sound. As a result, you might experience the Skype share system sound cutting out error.


  • Outdated Audio Drivers: – Remember that the audio driver always controls everything associated with the sound on your device. Now in case, the audio driver is outdated, then the Skype sound system might stop working. 


Easy Fixes to Resolve Skype Share System Sound Not Working Error

Till now, we understood the possible causes that might trigger the Skype not sharing system sound error. Let’s check out the solutions by which you can resolve the error within a flicker of time.

Solution 1:- Check the Sound System in the Control Panel

This is one of the easiest solutions that you can apply to fix Skype share sound not working errors. To implement the task, the first thing that you have to perform is to switch to the Control Panel of your device. Within the Control Panel, you must locate the Hardware & Sound system and click on it.

Then, within the Hardware & Sound system, go to the bottom and tick on the dialogue box beside the Sound option. In addition, proceed to the top-right corner and choose the device that you are currently using. Furthermore, you are advised to switch to the Recording tab and see the status of the Microphone. 

Now if you see that the Microphone is disabled, then turn it on. Once, you have successfully completed these procedures, then choose the Properties tab. You will see it on the bottom right corner of the display. 

Under the Properties tab, search as well as choose the Device Usage option. The next task that you have to perform is to enable the Use this Device option. From there, head to the Communication tab, and from there locate and click on the When Windows Detects Communication button.  

Thereafter, you should select the Do Nothing option.  When finished, you must tap on the OK in order to save all these changes.  Exit from the page and again relaunch the Skype and see if the Skype screen share audio not working issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 2:- Disable Automatic Adjustment

This is another effective solution that you might attempt to fix the Skype Share System Sound not Working error. This solution is very much similar to the first one. However, the only difference here is that this time Skype clients will change the settings. So, without wasting any moment, let’s apply these below points.

On your computer, at first, you must launch the Skype app. For that, simply type Skype on the search bar and select Skype from the list of options. 

Download the Classic Skype from the Official Website

In case, you are using the classic Skype application, the first task that you should do is to go to the Menu option. Under the Menu button, choose the Tools option and then head to the Options section.  Under the Options tab, proceed to the Automatic Settings tab. Within the Automatic Settings tab, locate and check the dialogue box next to the Automatically Adjust Speaker Settings and Automatically Adjust Microphone Settings button. 

Finally, before you exit from the tab, you have to make sure that you click on the Save button in order to save the recent changes. 

Pre-Installed Skype

Switch to the Home Screen. After that, proceed to the top-right corner and hit on the three horizontal dots. Within a couple of seconds, a drop-down menu will appear on the LEd display. Under here, search and tap on the Settings button. 

From there, what you have to do is to switch to the Audio and Video tab that’s located under the Settings tab. In addition, toggle the button beside the Automatically Adjust Microphone Settings button. Set the microphone as Default and see the status of the issue. 

Solution 3:- Upgrade the Audio Driver

As we have said earlier, sometimes you might have to update the audio drivers. For that, type Device Manager within the Search Bar and click on the Enter button. From the list of options, you must choose the Device Manager option. Alternatively, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys in order to launch the Run dialogue box. 

Then enter ‘devmgmt.msc’ within the Run field and thereafter you must click on the OK button. Now, within the Device Manager, you should search for the Game Controllers, Sound, and Video option, and thereafter, tap on it. 

In addition, you must right-click on each of these options in order to update the driver to its best-recommended version. Apart from this, click on the box beside the Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software to automatically update the driver. 

Once you have successfully updated the device driver, then see whether the Skype Share System Sound not Working has been troubleshot or not.

Solution 4:- Reinstall Skype

So, you have already the above three solutions and none of them works for you, right? Then we advise you to reinstall the Skype app. For that, here are the steps that need to be followed. 

Step 1

First, you must tap on the Start button. Then, enter the Control Panel within the Search box. Within a couple of seconds, lots of options will appear on the screen. From there, choose and tap on the Control Panel option. 

Step 2

Within the Control Panel, head to the top-right corner and click on the View as category button option. Thereafter, select the Uninstall a Program option and then tap on the Programs option. 

Again in the Control Panel, find out the Skype and afterward hit on the Uninstall or Repair option. In addition, move to the location ‘C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming’. 

Step 3

Now in case, you are unable to see the AppData folder. And you must choose it from the View section. Hence, click on the View button first and thereafter choose the Hidden Items option. 

After successfully doing this, you will see the hidden items and the computer also save these changes for the future.

Step 4

Again, you must open the Skype folder. Under the Skype section, you must search for the ‘xml’ file. Once found then, you should right-click on the ‘xml’ file and thereafter choose Delete from the list of options. 

Then, you should open the folder where you saved the Skype ID and thereafter, completely remove the config.xml. 

Step 5

Move back to the Roaming folder and then, you must right-click on it. Tap on the Rename button and afterward, rename it Skype _Old. The final task that you have to do is to reboot your computer. Visit the official website of Skype and from there download and install the latest version of the Skype app.  Again, relaunch the Skype app and hope the Skype Share System Sound not working issue will not irritate you anymore.

Solution 5:- Ensure that the Microphone is Physically Connected

Sometimes, if the microphone hasn’t picked up your sound, there’s a possibility that it might not be connected properly. Hence, at first, you must make sure that the microphone is properly connected to the USB ports. Sometimes, USB ports do not have enough power to supply. Hence, ensure that the USB cable is properly seated or connected. However, it will be better if you use a different USB port. 

On the other hand, if you use a headset, then first check whether it’s a remote control or not Then, set it as a default and thereafter attend Skype meetings without any difficulties. 

Solution 6:- Check the Skype Permissions

In case, Skype does not have permission to use the microphone, then you will not be able to hear any sound. 

Windows Users

In case, you are using a Windows device, then switch to the Settings app first and from there choose the Privacy option. Under the Privacy section, move to the bottom and choose the Microphone option and turn it on. 

Mac users

At first, you must open the Apple Menu and thereafter choose the System Preference button. Under the System Preference tab, scroll down and click on the Security & Privacy button. Within the Security & Privacy section, head to the bottom and hit on the Padlock option. 

Within the Padlock, you must type the administrator User Name and Password and furthermore, tap on the Unlock option. Move to the left panel and choose the items for which you want to change the Privacy Settings. Thereafter, tick on the box next to the Application’s name that you want to access. 

If you need to restart the app, then click on the Restart option. After restarting, again launch the Skype app and hope the Skype Share System Sound not working will not occur anymore.

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Hope, if you thoroughly follow these pocket-friendly techniques, you will surely resolve the Skype Share System Sound not working error on your own. Now, apply these tactics one after another and see which one can bring the required result for you.

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