Foolproof Ways to Solve Netflix Error Code M7111-1931-404 [4 Easy Hacks]

Netflix is one of the most famous video streaming platforms that offers its users access to a broad library of TV shows and films. This service can be accessed easily from any computing device that is on the Internet. 

On a computer, this can be accessed from a web browser. Even though this platform can be used without any errors, still some problems can arise while trying to access Netflix. Some Netflix users report that they often come across the Netflix error code M7111-1931-404

This error prevents them from watching specific or all shows as it doesn’t have a dedicated webpage on Netflix support. If you are also stuck with the same error, then you can go through the below guide to know a strong remedy to this issue. 

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Know the Reasons why Netflix Error M7111-1931-404 Occurs

After examining this error by studying at different user reports, we recognized some situations that can point to the apparition of this error. Below you have listed down some possible causes that can trigger this error:

  • VeeHD Browser Extension is Colliding with the Streaming: In Chrome, there are some extensions like VeeHD that are known to create issues with Netflix. 
  • Adblock is Blocking the Browser from Getting Content: You might have added an Adblock feature that prevents you from seeing videos on Netflix.  
  • Netflix Servers are Down in Some Particular Areas: This distinct error can also arise because of a technical issue faced by a Netflix server utilized in your area.
  • Sideloaded Extension is Creating Problems: There is a lot of Netflix extensions (that can only be sideloaded) that are no longer running after a recent update. It also might be the cause behind this error. 

Now, you are aware of the probable reasons behind this issue. So, now it’s time to know the solutions to fix this error. 

4 Easy Ways to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1931-404

Below are a collection of methods that can be used to troubleshoot this error. So, let’s perform the solutions described below: 

Procedure 1: Eliminate the VeeHD Browser Extension

As we mentioned earlier, the VeeHD is identified to struggle with Netflix. So, if you have this extension installed on your browser, then you can remove it in order to fix the error. To remove it, you can perform the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First of all, open the Google Chrome browser and then type “chrome://extensions/” in the search bar. Press Enter and go to the next step.  
  2. Now, scroll down the list of web extensions until you get the VeeHD Enhanced. After getting that, tap on the Remove button near to it. 
  3. Next, tap on the Yes button at the next prompt to confirm the action. It will start the uninstallation process of the extension. 

Once you complete the uninstallation process, reboot the browser, and then check whether the error is solved. If you see that the error persists, then VeeHD Enhanced might not be causing this error. In that case, perform the further ways described below. 

Procedure 2: Deactivate Adblock

Another potential cause that might be creating the Netflix error M7111-1931-404 is the Adblocking extensions such as AdBlock Plus or AdBlock. Various Netflix users in a similar situation have noticed that the error was solved after they disabled this extension. 

But, if you are very fond of utilizing the Adblock extension, then you don’t require to eliminate it completely from the browser. It’s sufficient to deactivate this extension before going to watch any shows on Netflix. Here are the steps that can help you to remove or disable Adblock from the Chrome Browser:

  • Launch Chrome and then click on the search bar. Type “chrome://extensions/” and hit the Enter key to go to the Extensions tab where all the extensions can be seen.
  • After that, scroll down the list of extensions installed on the browser to find out the Adblock Plus or Adblock whatever you use.
  • Once you locate the Adblock Plus or Adblock extension, select that and then click on the Uninstallation button. 
  • Finally, confirm your action by clicking on the OK button. 

After completing the removing process, reboot the web browser to check whether M7111 1931 404 Netflix is fixed. Else, you can try the other solutions given below. 

Procedure 3: Deactivate Sideloaded Netflix Extension

There are many Netflix extensions that can only be sideloaded. But, one of the most famous extensions is Netflix 1080p. It’s an extension that makes Netflix play the video at 1080p along with 5.1 sound.

You will need to keep in mind that some of these browser extensions that you can sideload are thought to be policy breaches by Netflix. A recent Netflix update has destroyed the broad majority of Netflix extensions that could be sideloaded. 

If you have these types of extensions, then you will have to uninstall or remove that to solve this Netflix error M7111-1931-404. To do this, you can apply the steps stated below: 

  1. In the beginning, launch the Chrome browser and then open the list of extensions by typing “chrome: //extensions/” in the search bar and pressing the Enter key.
  2. Scroll down the list of extensions to find out the ‘Netflix 1080p’ extension. Once you get that, tap on the Remove button near to the extension. 
  3. Thereafter, tap on the Yes button from the pop-up window in order to confirm the uninstallation process. 

After doing this, you can if the M7111 1931 404 Netflix error is fixed. But, if you see that the error is still disturbing you, then proceed with the further ways given below. 

Procedure 4: Clear Netflix Cookies from the Browser

According to some users, you can also solve the M7111 1931 404 Netflix by clearing the Netflix cookies from the web browser. For that, have a look at the steps provided below: 

  • To remove the Cookies of your Netflix server, first, go to ‘’. Then, Sign out from your Netflix account. 
  • Then, you will have to go to the ‘Sign in’ page. Afterward, re-enter the login credentials of your Netflix account. 

After doing this, you can check if the problem is resolved or not. Else, you can upgrade the Chrome browser to get rid of this error. 

Procedure 5: Update the Chrome Browser

According to some tech experts, this error also can be solved by upgrading the Chrome browser. To do this, perform the steps as follows: 

  1. First and foremost, navigate to the Menu icon that you will find in the upper right pane of the browser. 
  2. After that, choose the ‘Help’ option from the menu and then select the ‘Google Chrome’ option from the next page.
  3. Next, Chrome will show the present version of the browser. Click on the Update button to search for the available updates. 
  4. Complete the updating process by following the on-screen prompts. Once you finish the updating process, restart the browser. 

Now, you can try to open your Netflix account to check whether the Netflix error code M7111-1931-404 is gone or not. Else, you can restart your Home network to solve this error. 

Procedure 6: Restart the Home Network

This problem also can be solved by restarting the home network. Perform the below steps to restart the home network: 

  • First, turn the device Off. 
  • Then, detach the modem and router. Wait for a few seconds until both the devices are disconnected properly.
  • Next, plug in the modem. Hold the modem back until you see that the LED indicator starts blinking. 
  • Thereafter, attach the router and hold it back until no new LED indicator light starts blinking

After doing this, turn the device On and try to play Netflix to check if the Netflix m7111 1931 404 is solved. 

With this solution, we have reached the end of this guide. All the methods discussed in the above section are foolproof and can definitely help you to fix this problem. But, you will have to make sure that you have applied all the above hacks in their appropriate order as they are given. We hope it will help you to mitigate the Netflix error code M7111-1931-404

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