Amazing Hacks to Fix Discord Screen Share no Audio

There is no doubt that Discord is one of the best VoIP app used by a lot of users throughout the globe. Most of the time, gamers utilize this application while playing online games in order to interact with other gamers. It had since made its way to various platforms and OS.  

One of the best traits that this app just has launched is the Screen Share functionality feature. It lets gamers share their screen with others. But, several users have reported that they are struggling with the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue. 

If you are also struggling with the same issue, then you have arrived at the right page. Here in this guide, we are about to discuss some easy tips and tricks that can help you to mitigate this problem on your own. So, let’s start. 

What Causes the ‘Discord Streaming no Sound’ Issue?

By looking at various cases and diverse conditions closely we came up with a conclusion that the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue can be occurred due to different causes. Some of the most obvious causes are mentioned below. These reasons might differ depending on the configuration of your computer:

  • Audio Feature in the Fundamental Phase: If the sound of the Screen Share feature is in its beginning phases or if it is not stable enough, then it can trigger this problem. 
  • Corrupted Audio Drivers: Like most of the other popular sound app – Discord also utilize audio drivers that properly fitted with the hardware of the system. But, if the audio drivers are not running properly or if it is corrupted, then you can experience this issue.
  • Administrative Access: Since now Discord shares the whole screen of the system remotely – it might need admin access on the systems. If the administration access is not granted, then you can come across this problem. 
  • Application Problems: There are several programs that don’t run well with Discord. If any of those applications are installed on your computer, then it also might be the reason behind this error.  

Now, you are aware of the probable reasons behind the ‘Discord stream no sound’ issue. So, let’s take a glance at the solutions discussed below. 

Tricks to Solve ‘Discord Screen Share no Audio’ Issue

Before going to apply the below troubleshooting hacks, you will have to ensure that you have the needed login credentials. While performing the reinstallation process, you might be prompted to perform a login into the app from scratch. So, admin privilege is must require to troubleshoot this issue. In addition, you can check whether the sound option is turned to On by going to the Application Window. 

Before you perform the below hacks, you can perform a simple restart of the system to check if it can solve the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue. If you see that the restart is unable to troubleshoot this problem, then you can start applying the hacks briefed below: 

Procedure 1: Give Necessary Access

Before introducing the Screen Share with the audio feature, Discord ran correctly without any difficulties at all. But, since this feature uses more resources – it will be utilized for the system that also has some concerns for privacy. 

There are some instances where the app will be unable to work properly. In this method, we will drive to the executable file of Discord and give it administrative access. However, to grant the required access, you can perform the steps as follows: 

  1. First of all, open the File Explorer by using the combination of E and Win key from the keyboard. 
  2. After that, go to the location where you have stored the Discord on the system. Most of the time, ‘Local Disk C’s Program Files’ is the install location by default. 
  3. Once you have entered the installation location, you will have to right-click on the executable file of the application. Pick the Properties option from the menu. 
  4. On the next window, navigate to the Compatibility tab. Then, check the box that prompts ‘Run this program as an administrator’.
  5. Thereafter, apply the changes you have done by clicking on the Apply button. Lastly, you can exit from the window opened in front of you. 

Restart the computer to save recent alterations. Then, try to run Discord to check whether the ‘Discord share screen no sound’ is fixed or not. Else, you can try the other solutions given below. 

Procedure 2: Attach the Activity

Usually, Discord detects which action you are operating or performing by itself. But still, there are some cases where this is not the case the app confuses when you are screen sharing between apps and games. 

This situation became so popular that the app developers published a feature where you can choose the particular game or app that you wish to concentrate on. We are going to utilize this feature to check if it fixes the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue. For that, you can apply the steps mentioned below: 

  • In the beginning, open the Discord app. Then, click on the gear-shaped Settings icon located on the left pane of the screen.
  • Once you have opened Settings, tap on the entry of games located at the left navigation bar of the window.
  • You can navigate to the ‘Game Activity’ session and then tap on the ‘Add the application’ option in which the audio is not sharing in a proper way while sharing the display. 
  • After adding the app, you can concentrate on it utilizing the application with ease. You will have to make sure that you are not running Discord with the admin privilege while running this process. 
  • Afterward, you can check whether any-one of the other ‘games’ listed in the ‘Game Activity’ section. 
  • If you see that the app or game is already running, then you should try to remove that from the list. Thereafter, you will have to add it once again. 

Now, you can check whether the ‘Discord streaming no sound’ issue is fixed. If you see that the issue is still unresolved, then you can enable the Overlay feature of Discord and check whether the issue is troubleshot. Else, you can move on to the other hacks described below. 

Procedure 3: Clear Discord Roaming/Cache Data

Discord makes utilize of roaming data and cache in its operations in order to store temporary operations and user preferences data. This is an extremely beneficial and common component that is utilized more than a dozen times while making a call. 

A damaged Discord temp or cache file also might be the reason behind the ‘Discord screen share audio not working’ issue. You can troubleshoot this problem by removing the cache files. For that, you can apply the steps as follows: 

  1. First of all, close the Discord application and then stop all the running Discord processes from the Task Manager that are running in the background of the system.  
  2. After that, hit the Win key from the keyboard in order to open the Start search pane. Then, click on the search bar and then type “run”. 
  3. Pick the Run option from the menu in order to launch the Run Command box. Afterward, type “%appdata%” in the Run field. Press Enter to run. 
  4. Once it opens the Roaming folder of AppData, then look for the folder named Discord. Once you get that, right-click on that and then choose the Delete option from the list. 

After doing this, reboot the computer and once the computer has restarted, open Discord to check whether the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue is fixed. If you see that the issue persists, then perform the other hacks described below. 

Procedure 4: Reinstall Audio Driver

Audio drivers the other principal components that help in connecting the hardware on the system with the OS and in it. Sometimes, in various cases where because of outdated or damaged drivers, the app was not transmitting the audio in a proper way with the screen share feature. You can solve this issue by reinstalling the audio driver. You can perform the below steps in order to do that: 

Step 1: 

First, open the Run box by pressing the R and Win key together from your keyboard. Then, enter “devmgmt.msc” in the input box. Hit Enter to launch the Device Manager.  

Step 2: 

Once it navigates you to the Device Manager window, expand the ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ category. Then, right-click on the ‘Sound Hardware’ option. Pick the ‘Uninstall device’ option from the menu.

Step 3: 

Next, right-click on an empty space of the display and then choose the ‘Scan for hardware changes’ option from the list. Now, the system will start searching for the sound module. 

But, it will scan for any hardware that is not installed in the system. After completing the searching process, it will install the default drivers by itself.

Step 4: 

Once it completes the installation process, you will have to reboot the system. Once the system restarts, utilize the Screen Share utility in order to check whether the ‘Discord streaming no sound’ issue is troubleshot. If the problem is still there, then you can perform an update of the driver to mitigate this problem. 

Step 5: 

To update the drier, first, right-click on the driver. Then, choose the ‘Update Driver’ option from the list and then you can utilize the ‘Windows Update’ in order to upgrade the driver.

Step 6: 

After doing this, if the ‘Discord share screen no sound’ issue is still unfixed, then you will have to visit the official website of your computer manufacturer. Then, go to the Driver tab. 

Choose the appropriate driver depending on your OS version. Once you get the suitable driver, click on the Download button and save it to your preferred location. 

Step 7:

After finishing the downloading process, go to the location where you have stored the executable file. Run it and complete the installation process by following the on-screen guidance. 

Thereafter, restart the system once again and check if the ‘Discord screen share audio not working’ problem is gone. 

Note: It is recommended to update all the drivers of the system. This is extremely essential as we have seen in various cases where due to one corrupted or outdated driver, the app was not working properly. 

Procedure 5: Check the Audio Settings of the System

If there are any problems in the audio configurations or settings of the system, then it can also lead to the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue. So, you can open the audio settings of the system to check whether there are any problems or not.  

There are two different things in the audio settings that you will have to check. Check whether the correct recording input device is chosen. Therefore, you will also need to check whether the  Discord is allotted decent access in Microphone settings.

How to Configure the Settings of the Microphone? 

To configure the Microphone settings of your computer, you can have a look at the steps stated below: 


  • First and foremost, hit the S and Windows key both at the same time from the keyboard in order to launch the search box. 
  • Then, type “Microphone privacy settings” in the input field and then launch the Windows settings from the search results. 
  • Afterward, you will have to ensure that the ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ option is enabled. 
  • Next, scroll down the page to locate the list of all the apps that have access to the microphone. 
  • Check the list properly and ensure that the app you are trying to run has the proper access and it is turned on. Hit on the Apply button to save the changes. 

Next, you can exit from the window. Lastly, try to open Discord once again to check whether the ‘Discord streaming no sound’ issue is fixed. But, if you are still struggling with the same issue, then you can enable the correct recording device to mitigate this problem. 

How to Allow the Correct Recording Equipment? 

By enabling the correct recording device, you can also solve the ‘Discord not sharing audio’ issue. So, to enable the correct recording device, you can perform the steps provided below: 

  1. First of all, move the cursor to the lower right pane of the screen and right-click on the sound icon. 

Note: If you are unable to locate the Sound icon, then click on the upper triangle arrow to open the hidden system tray and locate the Sound icon.  

  1. Next, navigate to the Recording tab and then choose the accurate recording device for the system. 
  2. In case a wrong one is chosen, you can right-click on the appropriate one and pick the Enable option. Then, click on the ‘Set as the default device’ from the upcoming window.
  3. After doing this, you can apply the alterations by clicking on the Save button. Then, close the window and open Discord to check if the ‘Discord screen share sound not working’ is fixed.  

If you are still unable to transmit sound, then you can try to utilize a web version of Discord in Opera Mini or Google Chrome browser.

If you are still not able to fix the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue, then try the additional tricks stated below. 

Additional Tricks

After trying all the above hacks, if you are still struggling with the ‘Discord screenshare no audio’ problem, then you can try the below tricks to solve it: 

  • Enable ‘Push to talk’ option. 
  • Try to utilize Discord in a minimized format.
  • Check conflicted apps or programs installed on your computer. 
  • Perform a reinstallation or update of Discord. 

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Sum up Things…

These are the probable ways that can help you to solve the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ issue within a few times. All the methods discussed in the above guide are foolproof and tested by verified tech-experts. You will have to make sure that you have performed all solutions in the appropriate order as they are given. We hope, this guide will definitely help you to put an end to this bug. 

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