Amazing Hacks to Fix 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached on Windows 10

Windows Camera is an in-built stock camera app that comes with Windows 10 Operating System. This application is capable to access a Windows 10 system (whether external or integrated) and utilizing it to click both videos and images, and so on. 

Unluckily, some of the Windows 10 users have informed that they are unable to successfully open this application. Moreover, they are facing the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached saying that the camera either couldn’t be found or started every time they try to open it. 

If you are also struggling with the same error, then this guide can help you a lot. Here, we are about to discuss some probable solutions that can help you to troubleshoot this error within a few times. So, you can go through the section discussed hereunder. 

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What do you Mean by Camera Error Code 0xa00f4244? 

Mostly, it has seen that this error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached Windows 10 arises after making a Security update or after performing an Anniversary Update. Sometimes, this error also occurs after updating to Windows 10 from a previous version of the OS. 

The most strange perspective of this problem is that most of the users attacked by it are able to use their camera application with the help of a third-party application like Skype. But, they are not able to utilize them with stock Windows 10 applications like Windows Camera. 

This abnormality confirms that the error NoCamerasAreAttached is not occurring due to a hardware problem, but it might occur because of a software problem. There are also some other reasons for this error – this is why this error can be solved by using a lot of possible solutions. 

Troubleshoot 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached with 4 Excellent Solutions

Sometimes, you may also face this error with the error message ‘we can’t find your camera’.  However, below are some of the most practical ways that you can utilize to try and solve this issue and retrieve your ability to utilize the camera app of the system. So, let’s take a glance at the ways mentioned below: 

Fix 1: Ensure that the Camera Application is Turned On

Before going to apply any complicated solutions, you should start with the easiest one. You will have to make sure that the camera application is not turned Off. For that, apply the steps shown below: 

  1. Go to the Start menu and then click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. 
  2. Once it opens the Settings window, navigate to the Privacy category. 
  3. Tap on the Camera button from the left pane of the screen. 
  4. If you see that the camera is disabled, then turn it On. 

But, if you see that the camera application is already turned On, then you can try the other hacks we are going to discuss below. 

Fix 2: Check the Drivers

As we mentioned earlier, the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached might arise due to faulty drivers, you can check the drivers first. For that, you can perform the steps as follows: 

  • In the beginning, move the cursor to the Start menu and right-click on it. 
  • Pick the ‘Device Manager’ option from the list.  
  • Afterward, go to the ‘Imaging devices’ section and then expand the sub-menu. 
  • Locate your camera device and once you get that right-click on it. 
  • Lastly, choose the ‘Update Driver’ option from the menu.  

It will start the updating procedure. Wait for a few times. But, after completing the updating process, if you see that the error 0xa00f4244<nocamerasareattached> still persists, then there is a possibility that the latest driver update disables the camera application of your computer. In this case, we recommend you to rollback the driver of the camera. Here’s how to do this: 

  1. First, choose the ‘Device Manager’ option by right-clicking on the Start menu.  
  2. Then, go to ‘Imaging devices’ and click on the sub-menu to see your camera.
  3. Next, select the Properties option by going to the camera device. 
  4. Navigate to the Driver tab. Then, choose the ‘Roll Back Driver’ option from the list.  

Ultimately, the fact is – it’s not sufficient that you have an accurate driver. Namely, generic drivers are not properly suitable for this job.

Sometimes, Windows Update will give you the official drivers – but, it’s always the best option to download drivers from the official site of the manufacturer of your computer.

Hoover, after rolling back the driver to its previous version, if you see that the error 0xa00f4244 still appears, then you can move on to the other ways stated below. 

Fix 3: Run the Store App Troubleshooter

According to some tech-expert, this error can be fixed by running the Store app troubleshooter. In order to run this, you can apply the steps provided below: 

  • First and foremost, press the I and Win key both at the same time from the keyboard in order to launch the Settings application.  
  • After that, navigate to the ‘Update & Security’ category. Click on the Troubleshoot button from the left pane of the screen. 
  • Scroll down the list of options and click on the ‘Store Apps’ option from the bottom of the screen. 
  • Lastly, tap on the ‘Run the troubleshooter’ option to start running the application.  

Once you complete running the troubleshooter – you can check whether the error no cameras are attached 0xa00f4244 is still disturbing you or not. If you are still struggling with the same error, then scan the system for malware. 

Fix 4: Scan the Computer for Malware

If your computer is affected by viruses or malware, then it might trigger the error. So, scanning the system for malware can help you to troubleshoot this problem. You can perform the below steps in order to scan your computer for virus or malware: 

  1. First of all, move the cursor to the notification area of your computer. Then, click on the ‘Windows Defender’ icon to launch this. 
  2. After that, select the ‘Virus & threat protection’ option from the left pane of the ‘Windows Defender’ window.
  3. On the next screen, click on the ‘Scan Offline’ option. As a result, it will restart your computer immediately. 
  4. Once the system restarts, it will initiate the scanning process. After completing the scanning procedure launch ‘Windows Defender’ once again.  
  5. Choose the ‘Virus & threat protection’ option and then open the ‘Virus & threat protection settings’. 
  6. Now, you will have to enable the ‘Cloud-based protection’ option. After doing this, you can restart the computer to apply the changes. 

After restarting the computer, you can try to open the Camera app in order to check if the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached is resolved. Else, you can try the other ways described beneath. 

Fix 5: Tweak Registry

After completing the scanning procedure, if you see that the camera error code 0xa00f4244 is still not gone, then you can tweak the registry in order to solve this error. To tweak the registry of your computer, you can perform the steps given below: 

Step 1: 

First and foremost, open the Run command box by using the combination of R and Windows key from the keyboard. Then, type “regedit” in the input field. Press the Enter key from the keyboard in order to launch Registry Editor. 

Step 2: 

Right-click on the ‘Registry Editor’ option and then choose the ‘Run as an administrator’ option from the list to run the Registry Editor with admin privileges. Afterward, navigate to the File tab and then select the ‘Export’ option from the menu. 

Step 3: 

It will start to back up the registry. If anything goes wrong, then you will be able to restore it easily. Additionally, you can also create a Restore Point for the same.  

Step 4: 

Thereafter, follow this path given below:

  • For 32-bit system:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows media foundationPlatform 
  • For 64-bit system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoft Windows media foundationPlatform

Step 5: 

Next, right-click on an empty space at the right pane of the window and then select the New option. After that, choose the ‘DWORD (32) Value’ option from the list. Right-click on it and choose the Rename option from the list. Type the name “EnableFrameServerMode” to the value.  

Step 6: 

After doing this, right-click on the value and then select the ‘Modify this newly created registry value’ option. Then, fix the value to 0 and then click on the Apply button to save the changes. 

Lastly, restart the computer and check whether you are able to use the Camera app. If you are still getting stuck with the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached, then you can try the next procedure given below. 

Fix 6: Reset Camera Application to the Default Setup

You can also reset the Camera app to the default setup to get rid of the camera error code 0xa00f4244. It is especially beneficial when you are facing this error because of the incorrect configuration of the application. For that, take a glance at the steps stated below: 

  • First, open the Settings application by following the steps we have mentioned in the first step of Fix 2. 
  • Then, open the Apps category and then click to the ‘Apps & features’ option. 
  • After doing this, locate the Camera application from the next page.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Advanced’ option. 
  • Lastly, tap on the Reset button in order to start the resettings process.   

Wait for a few seconds as it might take a few times to complete the resetting procedure. After doing this, if you see that the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached is still unresolved, then you can try the next method discussed below. 

Fix 7: Disable or Uninstall all the Third-Party Programs Installed on the System

After trying all the above solutions, if you are still struggling with the camera error code 0xa00f4244, then this solution can be the final option for you. Disable all the third-party apps installed on your computer. To do this, first, open the Control panel by going to the Start menu. 

Then, navigate to the ‘Programs and Features’ category. There you will see a large list of all the programs installed on your computer. Locate all the third-party apps and select them. Click on the Uninstall button to remove them from the computer. 

After doing this, you can exit from the Control Panel and then restart the system. Now, check whether the problem is solved. 

So, these 7 are the probable ways to solve the error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached. We hope, after trying the above solutions in their appropriate order, it will definitely help you to get rid of this error. 

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