Effective Tips To Find An Email Address on Facebook

In today’s era, Facebook is an amazing social media platform. No matter whether you wish to make a business connection or want to catch up with your faraway relatives, you can always use your Facebook account. 

Most of the time, through Facebook Messenger, you can directly contact someone. However, there might be certain cases when you might have to contact an unknown person. In this case, you can use the email id, of the unknown person to find them. These are the methods that help you to find someone’s email on Facebook and reach them directly. 

The way you can get an Email Address from Facebook

In case you are lucky, then the user you are searching for includes his/her email address on his/her Facebook account and set it to Public. Hence, before you search for how to get an email address from Facebook, it’s highly recommended that you must see the About tab of the person. 

This option will be available at the top of the profile of the person. Now, what to do if the email field is blank, don’t panic as there’re other alternative ways you can find an email from Facebook. 

 Way 1:- Search for Facebook Email

Remember that Facebook is a fantastic source of email information. In case the person whom you are searching for has created a page. Then, there’s a huge possibility that he/ she includes a professional mail id to their page under the About section. 

Apart from this, you are also advised to try to contact the user’s employer. It’s also noticed that sometimes business persons include the email id of multiple employees on their page. In these circumstances, you should try to contact them. 

Way 2:- use the Settings option

You might create multiple email id for your use. And sometimes, it is quite possible that you haven’t listed the mail id as a primary mail id that you used to find someone’s mail id on Facebook. Also, that email id will be required to add to a business group or find someone’s email on Facebook. 

In this situation, you may have to search for your Facebook-connected email address. To do so, the first task that you have to do is to open your Facebook profile as well as switch to the top right corner.

Under here, you will be able to see lots of options. From there, choose and click on the Settings button. After that, head to the General section. And in case you want to change the mail id and make the alternative one as the primary email id, then you have to tap on the Edit button. 

From the Edit tab, you must proceed to the Contact section. Within the Contact tab, you should tick on the ‘Add another email or mobile number’ option, and then by using that email id, you can easily find the user’s mail id that you are searching for. 

Way 3:- Download the Facebook Contact List

Still searching for how to get an email address from Facebook? , then you are advised to use your Facebook Contact list. In case, you want to build a sales list or want to organize an event, then; your Facebook friends list can help you a lot.  

Now, in order to check the friend contact list, you should head to your Facebook profile first. Then, use the drop-down arrow that you will find on the top-right corner and select the Settings option from the context menu. 

Now, under the Settings tab, tick on the Your Facebook Information button and then hit on the Download Your Information button. On the next page, you must tap on the Deselect All button. 

In addition, tick on the box beside the Friends button. Afterwards, you have to change the format to JSON from HTML. Furthermore, choose the Create File tab. Wait for a moment and let Facebook create the file as well as detect the email id that you are searching for. 

Within a couple of seconds, you will see that email id, on your Facebook-connected email account. And you will easily get an email address from Facebook

Way 4:- Use Facebook Messenger

Remember that many people make their profile strong to protect from scammers. Hence, if you want to reach one of them for your business purpose, you can use Facebook Messenger. 

Hence, go to the Profile page. Here, you will see a message icon. Tap on the icon and send a note to the person whom you want to contact via Facebook Messenger. And if they respond back, you will be able to start conversations with them. It’s another effective way you can attempt to find someone’s email on Facebook. 

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Nowadays, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that help you get in touch with your family members and friends. However, if you wish to contact an unknown person, then you must check his/her email id first. Hope, with these tricks, you can quickly find someone’s email on Facebook and start a conversation with them. 


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