Effective Hacks to Cancel DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the most famous satellite services in providing all of your preferred channels. It includes several prime channels such as SHOWTIME, NFL Sunday Ticket, and HBO. DirecTV is efficient in providing a wide variety of channels for daily shows, movie buffs, sports lovers, and kids. This service comes with a 2-year subscription along with cost hikes in the 2nd-year. But, you will have to make the bargain carefully while installing this service at your house.  

For any reason, if you wish to cancel DirecTV subscription, then you will see that it’s more challenging than installing it. Canceling a DirecTV subscription is a lengthy process that requires long holds and a lot of call transfers – so, you must need both the patience and time to handle it. But, nothing to get worried or afraid about this – in this guide, we are going to tell you some simple ways and what to say and what to do while Canceling DirecTV service. So, let’s start. 

How to Cancel DirecTV

There are various procedures to cancel the service of DirecTV. We are going to provide a step-by-step guide that not only helps you to cancel DirecTV service but also saves a lot of money too. Follow the procedures described below: 

Procedure 1: By Calling Customer Care

Here we are going to provide some steps that you will have to follow in the same order in order to cancel your DirecTV subscription. So, perform the steps as follows: 

Step 1: Collect the Last Bill and all the Necessary Account Information

First of all, you will have to collect your account number and PINS from which your DirecTV subscription is linked. Moreover, if you are utilizing the subscription before DirecTV procured it, then you are required to dig far – for that, you can check your emails carefully in order to find out the correct information. Besides, you will also need to keep the last bill on your hand while performing the Canceling DirecTV process. 

Once you collect the information, there are possibilities that they have upgraded you with any revised data that you might be uninformed of. To circumvent any further annoyance, sometimes, DirecTV attempted to make processing and billing of the same dept. You will find your contact details including the time the subscription left by going to the Account Displays panel.  

Step 2: Call DirecTV Customer Care

Now, you will have to call the customer care of DirecTV. The contact number of the DirecTV line is 1-800-531-5000. If you are unable to get the line, then you can use the number 1-800-288-2020. 

By making this phone call, you will be capable of speaking to a customer care agent regarding canceling the DirecTV service. It is only the way in order to cancel a traditional subscription. Furthermore, by calling customer care, you will also be able to collect data regarding your DirecTV account that are unavailable on the Internet.

Step 3: Go Through the Instructed Prompts

While making the phone call, you will be asked to press a number on the dial pad of your mobile that corresponds with an option. You will listen to different phrases like “For all other inquiries, press [number]”.

Wait for a few seconds until the ‘Other’ option will be prompted. It’s the speediest route to grab a human customer care representative. 

Step 4: Show that you Wish to Cancel your Service

Once a human customer care representative is available to communicate with you, you will be asked why you are calling or what you wish to do. You will have to throw an answer like “Cancel my DirecTV Subscription”. Keep in mind that the phone options of DirecTV service are changed frequently. So, you might have a distinctive option while calling customer care. 

Step 5: Ask to Transfer the Call to the Retention Dept

After telling your decision, ask them to transfer your call to the DirecTV retention dept. Most of the time, they denied doing that. Most probably you will be asked to describe the nature of your problem or why you wanted to talk to the retention dept before transferring the call. Describe your obstacles in detail. 

Once the customer care representative initiates transferring the call, you might have to hold for a minimum of 6-12 minutes – although the time varies depending on the time of the call. So, you can consider calling them during low call volume time – like between 10- 2 PM from Monday to Friday. Calling between this time can help you to lessen the hold time.

Step 6: Explain in Detail to the Representative of the Retention Dept  

Once a human customer care representative attains your call, you will be prompted to explain the reasons why you contact them. You can tell that you wish to remove your DirecTV service because you are leaving all links with technology. This is a nice starting way you can take. Unluckily, honesty is unusually the best way while trying to get customer service to let you cancel DirecTV subscription. 

You can say that you are going to transfer to a separate country and you don’t know whether the DirecTV service is available there or not. Inferring that you are moving to work in the Peace Corps (or something like this) is usually sufficient to confer the arguments of the customer care representative invalid. 

Step 7: Strictly Refuse any Questions or Offers  

As is tradition, the representative of the retention department will try to give you some exciting offers like free service, discounts, or even extra time on your free trial. Strictly as well as politely refuse those proposals by quoting “Thanks, but I am not interested. I just wish to delete my service.” Don’t be rude or hard to the customer service spokesperson of the retention dept.

Step 8: Wait for the Toolbox to Arrive at your Home

Once the spokesperson of the retention dept admits that you wish to cancel DirecTV service, they will convey a prepaid shipping box to your address. After receiving that box, you will have to send back all the DirecTV equipment or kit that they gave to you through this box. Usually, you will get 21 days of time in order to return the property of DirecTV.  

Step 9: Send Back the DirecTV Kit

Put all the DirecTV tools like remotes and receivers in the box sent by DirecTV. Send the box back utilizing the given address. The one exemption is the satellite dish – you don’t require to send back the satellite dish to them.  

After doing this, you will have to ensure that you have detached all remotes and receivers and collect them unitedly. If you borrowed another material from them such as an internet router or video recording equipment, you will have to detach that as well.  

Step 10: Pay the Cancellation Charges

You will have to pay at least a minimum amount of money as a cancellation charge. Most of the DirecTV subscriptions available in today’s market are contractual types. That means you will require to pay a charge for every remaining month of the contact. You can also get this charge suspended if you are doing DirecTV cancellation for a family member who has already passed away.

Step 11: Call Back to Customer Care to Confirm the Cancelation

After sending all the equipment to DirecTV and once you paid the cancelation charges, you will have to call back to DirecTV support. Ask them whether they have received their payment and equipment. You might have to make the payment or send the equipment for more than one time if they send back the equipment or reject your initial payment.  

If you know that the DirecTV shipping box hasn’t arrived at them within 5 working days, then you can call back and ask them for another shipping box. Don’t forget to ask them in order to reset the time period of 21 days for the equipment. ELse, it might also charge an amount for the equipment.  

After applying these steps, hopefully, your queries for how to cancel DirecTV are resolved now. Else, you can perform the next procedure discussed below. 

Procedure 2: Cancel DirecTV Subscription from your End

If you are too busy to call customer care or looking for how to cancel DirecTV online, then you can perform this procedure. In this method, you can cancel your DirecTV service by using a laptop or desktop computer. For that, you can apply the steps as follows: 

Step 1: Open DirecTV Website

First and foremost, launch the web browser installed on your computer. Then, go to the address bar and type “https://www.directvnow.com/accounts/sign-in/”. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard in order to open the official website of DirecTV. 

It will navigate you to the Account page of DirecTV. Enter the login credentials on the appropriate field and then tap on the ‘Sign In’ button located at the middle pane of the screen. DirecTV doesn’t allow its users to cancel direct TV subscriptions from the ‘DirecTV Now’ smartphone application.  

Step 2: Choose the Profile Icon

Move the cursor to the right upper pane of the display and then click on the person-shaped Profile icon. As a result, it will open a drop-down menu. If the menu doesn’t appear, then you can tap on the Profile icon once again.  

Step 3: Choose ‘User Account’

Check the drop-down list carefully. There you will find the ‘User Account’ option. Click on it. As a result, it will navigate you to the ‘User Account’ page. 

Step 4: Choose ‘Manage My Plan’ 

On the ‘User Account’ page, you will see a list of some tabs. Locate the ‘Manage My Plan’ tab from there. Once you locate that, click on that.  

Step 5: Choose ‘Cancel Plan’ and Select a Valid Cause 

After clicking on the ‘Manage My Plan’ tab, it will open a list of some account-related links on the next page. Click on the ‘Cancel Plan’ link from there. 

Next, you will be prompted to choose a valid reason for the cancellation. Thereafter, you might require to choose an additional option based on the cause you have chosen. So, before proceeding to the next page write an explanation.  

Step 6: Choose ‘Cancel Now’

After choosing the reason, click on the ‘Cancel Now’ button from the bottom of the page. As a result, it will cancel the DirecTV service within 1 day.  

In case you send the cancelation request after 7:00 PM, then this will be processed on the next working day. This indicates that you will be billed for another month if you cancel after 7:00 PM the day before the service is set to repeat.

After applying the aforementioned steps, hopefully, you will be able to cancel DirecTV service with ease. 

How to Avoid the Cancelation Charge? 

There are some tricks that can be utilized in order to avoid cancelation fees. Some of them are as follows: 

# Tip 1: Time your Cancelation

By canceling your DirecTV service at the proper time, you might be capable to evade the cancellation charge. It eventually depends on the billing sequence of your service, how lasting you will have the subscription, and when you are willing to replenish the agreement.

If DirecTV notifies you of an increase in the charge, then they may also let you remove the subscription without any charges. It often happens in the last of the year. 

Try to cancel the subscription at the end of the deal. If you cut the subscription before your lease is completed, then they will either won’t be a charge or it will be remarkably inadequate. Most of the contracts are 2 or 1 years long – so, you will need to pay attention when the recharging time comes around.

# Tip 2: Always Try Being Polite with the Human Customer Care Representative

While talking to the customer care spokesperson of the retention department, you will always need to calm and polite. It is highly essential as the customer care representative or their team member might have discretion while canceling your DirecTV service or while charging for the cancelation process. 

  • You can tell them what they are doing while inquiring about the equivalent things as you. 
  • Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’ to appreciate them before going to complete the call. 
  • Don’t complain, groan, or utilize profanity, or insult the customer care representative. 

# Tip 3: Inform them of the Contract Language

If the customer care agent refuses your first request to dismiss the charge, then read them the agreement carefully. There is some particular expression in the agreement that shows that the corporation has concern over if it will impose a charge.

Go through the most significant limitation to the spokesperson. It reads “You may be subject to an early cancellation fee if you agreed to a programming agreement with DirecTV.” This statement implies that they are not able to charge you any cancelation charges. 

# Tip 4: Escalate the Call 

If the agent states that they are not let to ignore the charge, intensify the call by requesting to talk to their executive. The administrator has skills that the primary spokesperson didn’t.

Notify the administrator that you enjoy the service of DirecTV and might sign up with them once again in the near future. If they say you that they are unable to waive off the charges, then you can request them to reduce the charge. You can also inform the administrator that the agreement was written improperly as well as confusingly.

Besides, you can also loom to contact the Federal Communications Commission or Better Business Bureau regarding the misrepresentation of the service contract of DirecTV, though it should be your final movement since it opposes any service up to this point.

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Final Thought

Now, it’s time to put an end to this guide. These are 2 probable procedures that can help you to cancel direcTV service within a short span of time. These steps have already helped so many DirecTV users to cancel their subscriptions. We hope, it will also help you to cancel your DirecTV service in a hassle-free way. 

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