Android Connected to WiFi but no Internet: An Ultimate Guide

Many users have reported that their Android device is connected to Wifi but they are unable to access the internet. They claimed that they can’t send texts to anyone and also can’t access any website. And suddenly an error message saying “ Android connected to WiFi but no internet” pops up on the display.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Then this guide brings some fruitful information for you. In this article, we have come up with some effective tricks that you can use to fix the “WiFi connected but not working on Android” error at the earliest time.

Top Reasons Why WiFi Connected but no Internet Access Android

Numerous reasons can be responsible for the “Android wifi connected but no internet” error. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Issues with the Internet Connection– In case, your internet connection is not reliable for some reason, you can see an error message “ my phone is connected to wifi but no internet” on the display.
  • Conflict with IP Address- If the same IP address is assigned to multiple Android phones, you might experience the same error.
  • DNS Issues– In case of the DNS server experience error, your Android device will not be connected to the WiFi.
  • Issues with the Router– If there is a technical issue with the router, you might see the error message “WiFi connected but not working on Android” on the LED display.

Solutions to Fix Android Connected to WiFi but no Internet 

In the rest of the content, we have discussed some easy and effective solutions that will help you to fix the error without any hassle. Read on…

Solution 1: Log in to the Network

android connected to wifi but no internet


Keep in mind, that some networks need to log in with your email address. Now, when you want to connect your device with these types of networks, sometimes the WiFi icon will be canceled out. Also, you will see a notification prompting you to log in. In this situation, you need to tap on the Notifications icon and follow the on-screen instructions in order to access the web page.

Now, in case you are unable to see the login notifications, open the Settings app on your Android device. Under Settings, drop down and click on the Network & Internet option. It will open a new page. Under here, scroll down and click on the WiFi network in order to log in.

After that, reboot your device and try to access the internet.

Solution 2: Check the Router Settings

wifi connected but not working on android

Most of the routers have the option to disable internet access. So, if you are dealing with the “ WiFi connected but no internet access Android” error, we suggest you navigate to the admin panel of your router. Under here, search for the Internet Access or Mobile Data option and ensure that they are enabled.

Remember that, many routers automatically disable internet access after a certain period of time. In this situation, again proceed to the router’s setting section and make sure that your device is not configured to automatically turn off the internet access.

Solution 3: Cross-Check Your Internet Plan

So you have already applied the above two solutions and nothing works for you, right? Then we suggest you check your internet connection. Many times, if your Internet Service Provider experiences a service outage, you might lose access to the internet. Hence, contact your ISP as early as possible and be sure that everything is working properly.

Solution 4:  Check Your Date & Time Settings

wifi connected but no internet

Sometimes if you have set an incorrect date and time, you might see an error message saying “ Android connected to WiFi but no internet” on the LED display.  In this circumstance, be sure that you have correctly set the date and time for your device. Hence, first, proceed to the Settings section of your device. Here, locate and click on the Date & Time option and then click on the Automatic option.  If the option is turned off, make sure that you have turned on the Automatic option.

Solution 5:  Rejoin the Network

android wifi connected but no internet

Another effective troubleshooting method is that you can attempt to solve the error. In this situation, we suggest you rejoin the network. To do so, follow the given directions:

  • First, open the Settings app of your device.
  • Within Settings, drop-down and click on Network & Internet. It will open a new tab. Here, you should locate the WiFi icon.
  • Long press the WiFi icon without the internet connection. Choose to Forget network from the pop-up menu.
  • Else, you need to click on the Gear Icon located beside the network name, and after that click on the Forget button.
  • Again open the WiFi settings menu page and then try to rejoin the WiFi network.
  • Click on the Network name and type the password within the given field.

Exit from the page and reboot your device. Still, dealing with the same error? Proceed to solution 6.

Solution 6: Check Router’s MAC Addresses

my phone is connected to wifi but no internet

In order to apply the situation, at first, you must proceed to the Settings section of your router. From there, move to the WLAN or Security or Access Control section. After that, see your router’s MAC Address Filtering menu. If you see your phone on the blocked devices list, simply tap on the Remove button and restore the internet access.

Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

Many times after resetting your Android device’s network settings, the issue can be troubleshot. However, before performing a network reset, be sure that you have the WiFi password. After that, navigate to the Settings section of your device. From there, proceed to the System tab. Under System, scroll down and click on the Advanced tab. Choose Reset options from the new window and then click on the Reset WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile option.

The next thing that you have to do is to click on the Reset Settings option and type your device’s password or use the phone lock pattern to start the network reset. Again tap on the Reset Settings option. Wait for some moments and exit from the window when you see a success message on the display.

Try to access the internet or send a text to your friends. If you successfully do so, congratulations to you. Else, try the next solution.

Solution 8: Restart Router

If everything fails to fix the error, we suggest you restart your router. So, first, unplug the power cord from the router. Wait for at least 2 minutes and then plug in the power cord to the router. For the battery-powered mobile hotspot devices, you need to first remove the battery from the device. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes and again put the battery within your device. Reconnect your Android device to the network and check if the “ Android connected to WiFi but no internet” message still appears on the display or not.

Solution 9: Update the Router

android connected to wifi but no internet

This is another effective solution that you can try to solve the error. As per experts, if the router firmware is outdated, you might have to deal with the problem. So, proceed to the router’s settings menu and upgrade the router firmware to its latest version. Once done, exit from the window and reboot your device. Check if the connectivity issue has been troubleshot or not.

Solution 10: Reset the Router

Reset the Router

Occasionally, resetting the wireless router to its default settings might fix the problem. Two ways, you can reset your WiFi router. First, you can press a physical reset button and perform a hard reset. Second, from the web-based admin panel, you can perform a soft reset. To do the task perfectly, we suggest you read the router’s manual instructions. When finished, restart your device and hope this will surely resolve the error.


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Bottom Lines

That’s it. Here, we have discussed some of the most effective troubleshooting techniques that you can try to solve the “ Android connected to WiFi but no internet” error. We believe that any one of these solutions will surely bring the required result for you. Let us know which resolving technique works for you or use the comment section if you have any queries.

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