Install Amazon Prime on Kodi with Some Effective Steps

If you like to watch movies on online streaming, then you might be aware of the term Kodi. Kodi is basically an open-source media player, however, it can also be used as streaming content for multiple media services. 

Amazon Prime is a well-known name in the streaming service. And it’s a great alternative to Netflix. Besides, with an Amazon prime video on Kodi, things will be easy for you. If you install Amazon Prime on Kodi, then you don’t have to log in to your Amazon account. 

What you have to do is to simply install the Kodi and furthermore add Amazon prime on it and then start watching content. Don’t know, how to get Amazon Prime on Kodi? Keep reading the guide till the end. 

Amazon Prime on Kodi- The most Perfect Combination

Currently. Amazon Prime is known as one of the well-known streaming services around the world. This streaming platform provides a huge number of movie collections and TV shows along with Netflix. Also, the good news is that Kodi Amazon Prime is also available now and this will surely be one of the greatest opportunities for movie lovers. 

 However, previously Amazon Prime on Kodi has been restricted to some of the countries such as Germany, the UK, the USA, and in a few countries. Fortunately, currently, Amazon Prime video is available in almost every country and region. 

Uses can get Amazon Prime for Kodi anytime in order to stream their favorite movie and TV show. Keep in mind, you will not see Amazon Prime videos in Kodi directly. As you have to install the Kodi first and then need to add Amazon Prime Video on it. 

Here-Is How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi

At first, you need to download and install the Kodi streaming app from a reliable source. After that, open the Kodi and move to the Home Screen. In addition, you must switch to the Add-ons tab. 

Under the Add-ons, you have to navigate to the bottom and find out the icon with an inside pointing arrow. Furthermore, you must hit on that icon. It’s the add-on browser screen. Here, lots of options will be pops-up on the screen. From there, you must have chosen the Zip file button. 

Hit on the button and save it to your preferred location. Keep in mind, the Zip file must be named as ‘’’. From the next screen, from the Repository, you should tap on the Install button. 

Within a couple of seconds, you will able to see multiple options on the display. From there, scroll below and choose the XLordX Repo button. Furthermore, tap on the Video Add-ons button. 

Again, lots of options will appears on the LED display, from there, you must hit the Amazon Prime Instant Video button and after that, click on the Install option. Then, you should wait and let the Add-on enable the notification. Then, you should, tick on the Add-ons button. Under here, go to the bottom and choose the Videos option. From there, switch to the Videos and after that, simply hit the Amazon Prime Instant Video button.  Now, you have successfully, add Kodi amazon prime addon on your device. 

Steps to watch Amazon Prime on Kodi after Installation

Watching Amazon Prime videos on Kodi is quite simple. For that, you just need to open the Kodi application first. From the Home Page, proceed to the Video Add-ons tab. Within the Video Add-ons section, you should search for Amazon Prime Instant, which you have previously installed with the previous steps. 

Next, through the Browser, search for the available content, and then watch it without any hassle. One of the biggest plus points of this service is that, on the Amazon Premium Subscription, users have to pay a monthly amount for the membership. However, with Amazon Prime on Kodi, you don’t have to pay a single amount of money. 

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Why Amazon Prime Kodi Addon is an Excellent Option?

Remember that, installing Kodi on your device and then adding Amazon Prime on it is not a difficult task. In case, you don’t have much technical knowledge, still you can quickly do it without much hassle. 

In the previous days, this feature has not been accepted worldwide, however with time, people get attached with is excellent servicers. Moreover, nowadays, Kodi Amazon Prime has been used in every region and in every country. 

However, we always suggest you use a VPN service while you wish to watch any content on Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that, third-party vendors develop the add-on feature. So, be on the safe side and add a VPN service in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle. 

Need for VPN Service for Amazon Prime on Kodi

While you are watching content online, you will expose your IP address. Therefore, it will be an easy task for the developer, your Internet Service Provider, and Govt agencies to monitor your online activities without giving much more effort. Therefore, after a certain period of time, you might have to deal with some legal issues and surely you will not like that. 

 Hence you are highly recommended to rely upon a Virtual Private Network. A trustworthy and reliable VPN service always hide your identification as it continuously switches your IP address to multiple locations. 

There are other fruitful advantages of VPN services as well. Sometimes, you will unable to watch certain contents as these are restricted by the Govt. Now, if you wish to see these contents, then you must add a VPN service. 

Apart from this, lots of online streaming service like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix has been banned by lots of countries. Fortunately, with the VPN service, you can easily bypass this restriction and enjoy your valuable time with your family members and friends. 

Recommended VPN for Kodi

There’s no doubt that Kodi is excellent online streaming that providers you with thousands of movies and TV shows. However, it also influences the scammers to hack your account. Therefore, the simplest solution of all these is to use a highly stable VPN service. Remember that. A reliable VPN service does not reduce the streaming speed and also blocks thousands of scammers. 

The best part of the VPN service is that a Virtual Private Network will anonymize your identity and makes it almost impossible for the scammers to detect your identity. 

After researching lots of free as well as paid Virtual Private Network service, we advise you to use the Express VPN. ExpressVPN service gives full safety to your device. We would also like to advise you that if you have decided to buy the ExpressVPN subscriber plan, ensure that you choose the Anual Plans rather than choosing the Monthly plan. As with the annual plan, you will get a discount rate of up to 50 percent. Apart from this, you will also get 3 months of the extra free plan. 

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Amazon Prime on Kodi allows us to watch thousands of movies online on every device. In today’s world, people don’t like to go to the theatre to watch their favorite movies and wish to watch them at their home, and office. Therefore, if you are a movie lover, you must install Kodi on your device first and then add Amazon Prime with it to watch your favorite content. 

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