International Conference on Communication, Mass Media & Society 2018 ( COMASS2018 ) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Media track

Media & Journalism
Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Regulation, Democracy and the Media, Media and Terrorism, Media Images of Women, Media in Conflicts, Media Literacy, Media Mergers, Emerging Media, Politics and Mass Media, Media Psychology, Youth and the Media, Violence in the Media

Media Theory & Practices
Communications theory & practice, Psychology of media and communications, Virtual media & globalization, Media & state control, Different ideologies in media, Media analytics

Media & Different Cultures
Print, Audio-Visual media, Bloggers & U Tubers , Culture and power in media, Media & popular cultures , Feminism & media, Politics of media & vice versa, Government regulations & media, Global media & Society

Media as a Global Business
Media & Politics, Media Power houses, Role of global media, Media management & ethics, Media and journalism as a profession, Publishing industry , Intellectual property and copyrights issues

Media & Literacies
Media education & training, Distance Education & e-learning, Free media and informal learning, Internet and Political Mobilization.

Media Technologies and Processes
Mass media and broadcast media, Typographic media, Photography- film to digital, Hypermedia and multimedia, Internet and online media, Social media & Society

Communication track

Communication & Technology

Video Games and Mass Communication, Optical Communication systems ,Broad Band Communication, Computer and Intelligent Communication, Mobile Computing & Telecommunications , Wireless Communication, Social Media, Communication technologies & Society

Communication & Society

History of mass communication, Mass Communication in Developing Nations, Relationship between Media Law and Media Ethics, Mass Communication and Political Behavior, Literary Aspects of Journalism, Cyberspace, Hypermedia and Society, Mass Communication Law and Policy

Visual Arts & Visual Communication

Visual Literacy, Media Art , Digital Art , Graphics ,Art and Design, Digital Photography Cinema, Festivals, Musical shows

Communication and Public Opinion

Communication in Politics, Communication in education, Communication in Disasters, Participatory communication, Communication through Advertising , Health communication, International Communication, Virtual Communication

Communication in Marketing

Digital & Social media marketing ,Advertising & Media culture, Product visualization, Digital Strategy,Mobile Marketing & Retargeting, Customer Engagement, User Acquisition, Ethics in Mass Communication


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